5 Great Ways To Spend Cryptocurrencies

ways to spend cryptocurrencies buy with bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies keep growing popular, especially blockchain eCommerce technology can be a new way of investment and shopping online. But how can you spend your crypto holdings?

These are 5 great ways to spend cryptocurrencies: 

1. Cryptocurrency Wallets 

They are not just for storage. It mainly refers to wallets based on mobile devices and online, which allow you quick access to funds anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Depending on which crypto wallet you use, the process varies in difficulty. If you are a user of the Crypterium wallet, the process of paying with cryptocurrencies is quite simple. The blockchain address is not easy to remember and copy. 

Nevertheless,traders today decide to include a KR code on the counter that you can scan with your Bitcoin wallet and pay for just 30 minutes. When they receive the funds, your purchase is complete. 

But before you can spend your cryptocurrency, you need to buy some first. You'll need to learn how to buy ethereum (ETH) and how to buy bitcoin (BTC) before you start spending.

2. Crypto Debit Cards 

Crypto debit cards are different from other regular bank cards. With these cards you are able to use cryptocurrencies to pay for goods. If you want to pay for something with this card, firstly you need to convert your cryptocurrency (for example Bitcoin) to U.S. dollars, or other fiat currency by transferring to your checking account. Before you get some of these cards, you’ll want to consider the fees and where you can use those cards. Some of the best crypto debit cards are: 

• Monaco is a Visa-branded card. Monaco is available to customers in Asia. 

• Wagecan can be used in the United States. This is one of the most popular Bitcoin debit cards. Wagecan offers a slightly lower ATM transaction fee than other Bitcoin cards. 

• Bitpay lets you load your Bitcoins from a virtual wallet. 

• Wirex Visa cards automatically convert more than 12 cryptocurrencies. 

3. Altcoin Debit Cards And Prepaid Cards 

• The TenX Visa Card 

When you are using this card, you can pay online and offline anytime in local currency. TenX is accepted at more than 50 million Visa merchant locations in over 200 countries. 

• Uquid 

This card supports Bitcoin and also works with 89 other cryptocurrencies. 

4. Payment Processors That Accept Cryptocurrencies 

Shopify is a processing system that allows businesses to accept Bitcoin payments. Stipe allows companies to integrate a Bitcoin payment form right into their website. 

5. Education 

More and more schools in Switzerland are accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Students who use Bitcoin for tuition will incur a 1% fee, which Bitcoin.com notes is much less than traditional payment fees. The University of Nicosia in Cyprus announced that it was the first school in the world to adopt Bitcoins, but despite the efforts of this school , many people are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies and how they are functionating, which makes it difficult to adopt this method of using cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto Conclusion

Since cryptocurrencies have become an indispensable part of daily lives for most people around the world, these are just some of the ways you can spend cryptocurrencies in everyday situations, for vacation and travel, or education.

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