How to Pick the Best Office Type for Your Business

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Did you know that an average employee spends 7.9 hours in the office per day? 

Others spend up to 14 hours to get extra time payout. Those hours are too many to stay in the wrong office layout. Even if you don't have employees, you should live in a comfy and spacious office as you serve your clients. 

If you are starting your business, you might face a few challenges in choosing the right office. But worry not, as you only need to understand the available office types and choose the best for your needs. 

This guide will discuss the different office workstation types to help you in the selection process. Read on to know the best fit for your business workplace. 

Home Office 

As the name implies, a home office is based at home. It is the primary type of office for many entrepreneurs. It is affordable because it does not involve any rental costs. 

A home office is quite flexible because it enables you to work from the couch, the bed, and so on. However, it's advisable to have a professional setup with a chair and desk. The professional setup improves your reputation if your clients will be visiting you at home. 

The only drawback of this type of office is distractions from children and family members. But you can avoid the distractions if you set the office in a quiet corner/room. 

Virtual Office 

The popularity of virtual offices has been increasing over the years. The growth in virtual workspace has been facilitated by the desire to have privacy and to cut the costs of having a physical office. 

Virtual offices are great for entrepreneurs who serve a large market but don't have the money to set up a physical office. Besides the physical address, the offices do not require expensive furniture or many employees. Utilizing a top service like Your Virtual Office London - will give your business the advantage it needs.

You only need to have a robust digital marketing strategy and excellent customer service receptionists. The only drawback of this virtual office space is that you may lack a personal touch with your clients. 

Co-Working / Shared Office Space 

Shared offices are becoming popular these days. You can join an existing shared office space or start one with your friends or other entrepreneurs. 

The main benefit of shared offices is affordability. You split the rental costs, the taxes, and the other charges incurred for running a physical office space. 

If you don't like the idea of working at home or virtually, then the shared space could be an excellent idea to help you establish your business. With time, you can move to your independent office. 

Managed Office 

A managed office is like a business center. It is a fully equipped office whereby you don't have to worry about cleaning, the furniture, or the office's management. 

The office is already managed by someone else, and so you only need to pay the rent, work, and leave. The management takes care of all the other things. 

Note that this office might be a bit costly because of the provision of the essentials. You should only opt for it if you need a temporary office or you are a busy person and don't have the time for office planning. 

Traditional Office 

This is the standard office type. To have it, you should build it from scratch and install the other essentials of an office. Besides building, you can rent it from a broker or a landlord. 

Many people consider conex boxes whenever they want a traditional office setup. The containers are durable and portable. Should you opt to use the conex box containers, you should get the best quality ones to serve you for an extended period. 

Traditional offices can be either furnished or unfurnished. The furnished office comes with internet connections, electricity, and, probably, the desks. On the other hand, the unfurnished offices are always vacant, and you can polish them as per your business needs and desires. 

A traditional office must be located in a high traffic area for visibility. 

Leased Offices 

Leased offices come with a fixed duration contract. For instance, you may decide to lease a fully furnished office for six months. If that period expires, you should leave the premises, having paid the agreed amount. 

Should you wish to extend the lease period, you must renew the landlord's initial agreement. You should choose to lease only when renting is not an option or when you need temporary storage. 

Picking the Right Office Types 

Now that you know the available types of offices for business, you should also know how to choose the best

The ideal office should be based on your business needs. For instance, you can't work virtually when your work requires you to have face-to-face interaction with your clients. Here are helpful tips on how you should select the ideal office type for your business: 

Check the Nature of Your Business 

What do you deal with? If you are starting a manufacturing firm, you will need a large space to accommodate the needed machinery and equipment. 

Similarly, a large space will not be useful if you sell online and make deliveries. So, understand your business's nature, check what your competitors are using, and get the right office. 

Check the Costs 

It's the goal of every business to save money at every step. Unless you have enough money, it would be senseless to invest in a costly office space and fail to get the return; create a budget for your office and stick to it. 

Consider the Layout 

Many types of office layouts fall under two main categories: the open layout and the closed layout. The open layout is great for communication and accessibility, but it may be prone to noise distractions. 

On the other hand, the closed layout is excellent for privacy, but it may encourage absenteeism. Understand each layout's pros and cons and choose the best according to the number of employees you have. 

Check the Location 

Location is a significant concern if you choose the physical address office. Remember that your goal is to create an appealing first impression to attract many customers. Your office should, therefore, be located in a convenient location. 

It should not be too far from your home or your market. The place should have a great aesthetic look too for impression purposes. 

Seek Professional Guidance 

An office is a significant investment. You should take your time in the planning process and, possibly, involve a few experts to help you. 

The best office types can improve your employees' morale, improve your reputation, and help you win more clients. So, don't hesitate to seek advice when necessary. 

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