Sustainable Packaging: Helping Businesses To Save The Planet

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Single-use plastic straws, stirrers and cotton buds have recently been banned in the UK in a move to eradicate businesses’ use of non-sustainable materials. With continued pressure on international governments to impose more sanctions on non-biodegradable materials, businesses are having to adapt to new ways of operating as more laws come into force. 

In the past few years, multinational companies have come under scrutiny regarding issues surrounding their use of packaging materials. As the public becomes increasingly critical of businesses with non-environmentally friendly practices, smaller businesses will need to start paying closer attention to their operations. With a seemingly ever-growing market of more eco-conscious consumers, being sustainable isn’t a phase; it’s very much here to stay. 

What Can My Business Do To Be More Sustainable? 

The latest innovations in sustainable packaging materials are helping businesses in a multitude of areas, from increasing brand reputation to slashing packaging costs. With a growing number of sustainable packaging alternatives becoming widely available, businesses of all sizes are starting to look at ways to reduce their environmental impact. 

What Is Sustainable Packaging? 

Sustainable packaging is made from materials that are renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and even compostable. They’re manufactured in a way that conserves energy and resources and, in many cases, the packaging can be reused by the business or consumer, generating even more sustainability. 

However, that doesn’t mean that quality is compromised. Many alternatives to plastic and other non-sustainable packing materials display similar characteristics to their non-biodegradable counterparts. Appearance, durability and practicality are a main-stay of eco-friendly packaging alternatives, making sustainability a worthwhile investment. 

Why Is Sustainable Packaging Important For Businesses? 

From “packing peanuts” to takeaway food packaging, more and more businesses are beginning to understand the benefits of switching to eco-friendly packaging. Using sustainable packaging can have numerous benefits for your business and your customers: 

• It can improve your brand’s image, attracting a lucrative market of environmentally conscious customers who’ll make purchases based on the most eco-friendly products they can find. 

• It’ll directly reduce your carbon footprint, giving your business a cleaner profile and your consumers a cleaner conscience when they buy your products. 

• It’s produced sustainably, so you can continue to buy packaging materials while conserving energy and the planet’s natural resources, creating an efficient chain from manufacturing to distribution. 

• It can be reused, saving you money on buying more materials and reducing waste –– as well as incentivising customers to reuse your brand’s packaging, thereby also increasing brand awareness. 

• It’ll save you money. By investing in sustainable packaging now, you won’t have to undergo a drastic upheaval should your business be affected by new sanctions on non-sustainable packaging products. 

Should My Business Switch To More Sustainable Packaging? 

Finding the right sustainable packaging for your products might seem a costly endeavour, but the long-term benefits of becoming more eco-friendly will no doubt yield a solid return on your investment. With a variety of sustainable packaging options to choose from –– including paper-based and bio-plastic based packaging –– packing and distributing your products while protecting the environment has never been easier. 

Switching to sustainable packaging materials is a sure-fire way to generate new business, improve your business’ image and make your operations future-proof. You can make a real change today and allow your business to grow without the environmental cost.

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