Repurposing Wooden Containers Into Outdoor Wood Planters

repurposing wooden containers outdoor garden planters

People that love to grow plants are always looking for new and unique garden planters. They want to have something that is different and ones that other people don't already have. They want to have one that will look great. If you love wooden containers that you would like to turn into garden planters, then you will want to read this article. It will help you to repurpose wooden containers into garden planters and in an easy way too. 

Repurposing Wooden Containers Into Garden Planters 

Wooden boxes make fantastic garden planters. They can last for years and years. If they are made from the right types of wood, it is possible that they can last for decades. You will want to look into making garden planters out of cedar, redwood, and cedar are all great choices when it comes to the wooden containers that you will be using. 

repurposed wood containers outdoor garden planters deck plants

It Will Be Something That You Can Benefit From 

For many people, they don't even need to go out and look for wooden containers unless they really want to. They can usually find something in their home or apartment that they can use when they are cleaning it out. These can be old wooden boxes or barrels that are not being used for anything else. Make use of them by turning them into garden planters. If you shop the garage sales, you might also be able to find some great wooden containers that you will be able to use for great plants. A nice coat of exterior paint will give it a new look Lots of discount stores also have them so be sure that you take a look at all that there is to find. 

What Do You Line A Wooden Planter With? 

The best way to line a wooden planter is to use a plastic sheet. The trimming should go out over the rim of the planter. You want to staple the plastic around the rim and poke holes in the bottom for drainage. To poke the holes, you can use a screwdriver. To make sure the wood planter is sealed properly use best outdoor wood sealer

Choose Your Plants Wisely 

When you are deciding which plants to put in your garden planters made out of wooden containers, you want to choose them well. Look around for the right sized plants that will look great in the garden planters that you have made. Lots of people plant greens in their planters but you can choose from all different kinds of plants. Make sure that you find just the right ones for yourself and that you know how often you need to water them. Taking care of the plants is something that you will want to do on a regular basis. If you love to have items such as lettuce and chives, the wooden containers make excellent places for these types of plants to grow. You will be amazed at how well they do in a garden planter made out of wooden containers. Be sure that you know how to care for them. 

Where Do You Want To Put Your Garden Planter? 

Take some time to really think about where you want to place your garden planter. You can hang it if you would like to or place it on a stand. It is best to take the time to figure out where it will look nice because you want people to enjoy looking at it as well as yourself. You will find that many people love to admire other people's plants and this will be the case with you too when you have your garden planter just where you want it. 

For many people, having the garden planters that they made out of wooden containers is such a joy. They really enjoy taking care of their plants. It will make such a difference to them when they can see how well their plants grow in this type of planter. It is a hobby that people do that they can really enjoy. In the summer, they can put their plants outside. During the colder months, they can bring them inside and they will still continue to grow. This way, they will continue to enjoy watching their plants grow all year round. It will make them very happy indeed. If you are like these people, you will love it too.

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