6 Tech Trends Startups Should Focus On In 2020

top tech trends startups focus on

This year has already ushered in a wave of tech innovations. In other words, technology is disrupting every industry. Robotics, AI, etc. have impacted almost every business sector. And, the only possible way to overcome or cope with this technological disruption is to adapt it. 

So, have a look at the six top tech trends every startup should consider this year: 

Data Science 

Today, every company relies on data science to create strategies. It is a valuable source of information that helps you understand customer behavior and market trends. Thus, if you want to succeed in the market, you have to allocate your resources towards decision making based on data. 

Perspective Analysis 

Till now, the analytics tools have been focused on both predictive and descriptive applications. This indicates that they would provide historical data to be arranged and represented better for understanding the changes better. But, perspective analysis is when the tools deliver options for taking advantage of predictive and descriptive analytics. This analysis has already seen a hype in the healthcare and oil and gas industry. 

AI And Automation As A Service 

AI plays a crucial role in technology disruption, especially in automation. Thus, from retailers to large company owners, businesses around the globe have started adopting automation to optimize their processes. 

One example is chatbots for digital marketing. Since consumers expect fast and wise responses to their inquiries, AI and chatbots are going to become a highly reliable and prevalent option. 

Furthermore, companies that offer the most flexible digital experience to the buyers will be in a better position financially. Aside from this, they will be able to position themselves for things that are more important to their growth. 

Cloud Computing 

Gone are the days when companies had to store data at their own facilities. All the information used to be saved on the physical servers. These traditional methods increased the chances of human err. Moreover, the employees had to spend more time and energy searching for the information. On top of it, it was less secure. 

Here, cloud computing became a game-changer. Now, companies store everything on a cloud server. Not only is the information more secure, but it is also more accessible to everyone. Employees can now find the information quickly. 

As most of the activities are handled online, some companies don’t even need physical premises. This creates a decentralized workforce that can be operated from anywhere. This is the reason the remote work trend has increased in the last decade. 

In addition, cloud computing also allows the customer service team to transfer files in a matter of seconds. Cloud services have better quality bandwidth that allows the team to do so. Before cloud computing, it used to take a lot of time to send a file. Thus, start-ups should embrace it whenever possible. 

Funded Startup Companies Database 

Startup companies are newly emerged, fast-growing businesses that focus on meeting a marketplace need by developing viable business models. If you have recently funded startup companies database, they will capture every new funding for you and send push notifications on the funding’s that match your filter. 

Be it company and industry research, job seekers, market trend analysis, competitive insights, or tracking the private equity, a startup database provides you with ease of use and the information you need. 

Decline Of APPs 

Finding and downloading apps is a problem for the companies bemused by the app stores' competitive nature. Some people believe that making the apps accessible from the cloud or scrapping them in favor of web apps is more cost-effective for everyone. 


Though start-ups are limited in terms of personnel and capital compared to well-established large businesses, they are not trapped in older technology or traditional ways of doing things. Embrace these tech trends; you will be able to cope with a lot of challenges.

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