Addressing Common Complaints About The iPhone XS Max

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Like with any other iPhone launch, once the launch date for the iPhone XS Max was announced, people started scrambling to find a way to get their hands on the new model as soon as they could. Come the official day the phone is supposed to be hit the stores, you will find people lining up in wait as early as the night before launch day. It seems ridiculous to some people, but it makes sense to others. You can call it a cult, you can call it blind devotion, and it won’t matter at the end of the day because iPhones will continue to be the most popular choice of smartphone and that is something that might not change for a while. 

Of course, as with any other smartphone, there can be a few bugs or problems with the actual phone. We are all familiar with the infamous Galaxy Note that came with faulty batteries and became an explosion risk. Of course, this is a rather extreme case, so you will usually get a few hiccups and problems here are there with your smartphone and the smartphone company usually creates updates later on to help deal with the issues that were discovered by the smartphone users. 

In case you are facing issues with your phone ever since you brought it, then you might be feeling a bit discouraged, but you should not worry because the manufacturing company will come out with solutions later. However, if your problems are not being sorted, we would suggest taking your smartphone to a phone repair center. If you are not sure where to go, you should lean into Jason from Break Fix Now and have him help you out. If you happen to be interested in learning about the issues that a lot of iPhone XS Max users have been reporting lately, then you can continue reading the rest of this article below: 

• This issue will only be experienced by people who use Verizon’s network services. So a lot of people that have an iPhone XS Max and are Verizon users have reported weak signals and issues with reception regardless of where they might be. Now, this could be a mistake on either the phone’s physiology in terms of its antennas, an issue with modems, or a problem on your network provider’s end. It might take some time before this issue gets resolved but for the time being, other network users have not faced this issue. 

• Apple has already acknowledged this issue and is working to fix it but it is still important to mention it. So some users have had trouble getting their phone to go on charging. They have reported their phone not charging when it is put on sleep mode, and some people have reported that they need to tap their screen to get their phone charging. Hopefully Apple with the launch an update that will address this issue soon to avoid further inconveniencing. 

• This might not be an issue for everyone, but this has become a problem for some people. A lot of people are complaining that while the new iPhone cameras have been great, they are smoothing the skin too much and the soft effect it creates (especially in selfie mode) is not being appreciated. Apple has not responded to this issue yet, but it is becoming a source of complaint for many. 

• This is a common complaint with a lot of iPhone models, and that is excessive screen freezing. So iPhone users have reported that several iPhone models, including the XS Max, randomly freezes and the screen becomes unresponsive at times. Apple has acknowledged this issue and this is something that will be fixed whenever they launch the next update to fix this bug. 

• If you are having issues with your iPhone Wi-Fi and data connectivity and overall speed, then you are not alone. This is an issue that XS and XS Max users have faced. One way to deal with this problem is to go to your settings, click on your Wi-Fi, and then go to Forget Network. Once this has been done, you will reconnect to the Wi-Fi. You will have to enter your Wi-Fi password again and this will usually fix your Wi-Fi connectivity and speed issue. If you are facing issues in terms of your data connection, then you will have to call in your network provider and see if there is no issue on their end that might be causing this. 

At the end of the day, most of these XS Max complaints are pretty common and Apple has already recognized some of these complaints and there will be software updates that will be launched to fix and smooth out these mistakes. So all you can do is be patient for iPhone protection, but if your issue still does not get resolve, take your iPhones for repair either at a phone repair store or take it to the original resource center and have a tech check it out.

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