How To Protect A TikTok Account From Scammers And Hackers

how to protect tiktok account hackers security scammer protection

The entertainment world is graced by many digital platforms like the TikTok app, where millions of active users and audiences meet daily for creative fun. TikTok is a famous and ultimate short- form video platform where people create and share videos. The app makes the world a small community by uniting people from different nations to have fun and laugh together through videos. Most content makers use the platform to entertain, grow talents, and socialize or seeking global popularity. TikTok registers as the highly used social media platform today, with millions of users accessing each minute. 

To grow in this online community, app users need to attract an audience by being creative and having an active account. Though the competition is high, users should seek alternatives to keep the viewers happy and grow the views, follows, and likes numbers to show positive progress. One can maneuver suing tricks like buy TikTok views and also add more content on the account. 

However, TikTok doesn't just host content providers and genuine bloggers but also a hub for scammers and ill-fated users. They use the platform for selfish gains by negatively commenting or tampering with other user content. The platform offers ways on how to protect from such scams y using TikTok security and privacy settings. TikTok security settings how you can implement the setting on your account. Users can check for the security setting from their accounts; the option is displayed on top of the user's account page. From the page, click the "Me" tab followed by the three dots here you find settings under "manage my account". 

1. Two-Factor Authentication 

Today much social media app use the two-factor authentication to secure users from password theft. The setting helps extra protection to your details, keeping your app safe. TikTok, however, doesn't have the two-factor authentication but uses the login verification code. This an OTP number that is sent to a registered number. Use the code to log in to your account; this method only helps if he TikTok password is stolen. If the hacker tries to log in, the code is sent to your number. These will notify you someone is trying to login. 

2. Disable Your TikTok Password Saving 

For easy access, the TikTok remembers your username and password by default. You don't have to enter the credential every time. However, this is quite insecure if multiple users access your mobile device. They can quickly get to the TikTok account and change the password. You can disable the password from setting by deselecting “save login info” under the “manage my account.” 

3. Make Your TikTok Profile Private

TikTok has millions of users with different intentions, using it for entertainment, socializing, and fun. If you don't need publicity on TikTok (you aren't a TikTok creator trying to make money or promote a business), you may change your profile to a private setting. These only lets approved followers to see your videos and content. 

• To enable private profile on the app, go to setting and select the "discoverability" option then enable the "private account" option. 

• The app will automatically approve your TikTok follower / subscribers; they can access any video or content from your account. You can also block or remove unwanted subscribers to keep your account safe. 

4. Removing Your Profile From Recommendations 

Again TikTok, by default, recommends your profile to other users; this happens if the app's algorithm learns and loves your clips or recognizes you. Note private accounts can still appear on a recommendation if you share the same friends with other users. To stop the default setting block TikTok from accessing or inviting others to follow your account. Now turn off allows others to find me in privacy settings. 

TikTok account holders can either change, delete, or deselect what they don't like or exposing them to the public. It will keep them safe from haters and scammers and help them enjoy the TikTok services.

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