5 Things You Should Do Before Moving To A New Town

things to do before moving to new town movers

For most anyone, moving to a new city can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Between looking over floor plans, reviewing craftsmanship, and trying to score a deal on all your preferred amenities, you have a lot of planning to do. That doesn't even factor into the social aspect, either. You're likely starting at a new job and creating a new social circle. When all's said and done, it takes work. 

Whether you're getting ready to buy your dream log home in a new city or you're trading your apartment in for a chic second-floor loft, here's what you should know before you move. 

1. Use The Right Real Estate Tools

The real estate industry has a checkered history when it comes to transparency. Model homes don't represent the finished product. Builders cut corners. The add said the building had decks but you only have a Juliet balcony. Even if a listing has a smart price attached, it doesn't always add up to a good value. If you're tired of getting the runaround from different real estate sites, try Nalula. Nalula's goal is to bring a greater level of transparency to the industry. The brand doesn't hide the state of the current market and aims to give homebuyers and renters access to the necessary data. 

2. Download Local Apps

If you're not sure about how to navigate an unfamiliar city or you're gearing up to start taking public transportation more frequently, you may need to hunt for some apps. Many local transit authorities have their own Android and iPhone applications. These make it easier to navigate the city, find the right train or bus stops, and generally become accustomed to your new home. It's a helpful solution that will make your life a lot easier come moving day. 

3. Consider Unique Accommodations

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own log cabin or timber home in the mountains? While living in log homes might seem like a daydream, cabin living is much more common than you might think. If you don't want to be in the heart of a big city, consider a timber frame home. You can find a custom design timber frame or choose from existing cabin homes. While custom log homes may seem like they belong on a ranch, they're actually fairly attainable. With their exposed rafters and unique roof systems, log cabin homes are riding a newfound wave of popularity. 

4. Start Networking Early

If you're moving on your own or you don't know anyone in your new town, it's a good idea to try to establish yourself ahead of time. Apps like Meetup can help you find new friends before you move. You can filter by shared interests and find potential friends without too much of a hassle. You can also try and mingle with your colleagues at your place of work. Just remember to keep things professional. 

5. Be Patient With Yourself

As your move approaches, you're likely becoming more and more anxious. That's only natural. You're taking a big step and it can be nerve-wracking. Do your best to think of all the reasons that are causing you to go down this path instead of your worries. It'll take time for you to adjust but you don't need to rush yourself. Give yourself the necessary patience and try to remind yourself of all the upsides of your big move. It'll make a big difference in your mood and overall well-being. 

Make Your Move

Whether you're browsing log cabin homes or you're trying to learn how to navigate a new city, making a move between cities takes a good chunk of effort. Give yourself time to settle, try and meet some friendly locals, and see what your new surroundings have in store for you.

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