9 Tips to Save Money on Internet Service Providers

how to save money on internet service

Would you like to get your internet expenses as low as you can possibly get them? You might want to consider going with dial-up internet service. 

It is the modern digital age, which means almost no one is using dial-up internet service in this day and age. But there are still some companies that offer it—and it'll only cost you about $10 on average to get it. 

Signing up for dial-up service to save a few bucks isn't a realistic option for most people, though. They need to figure out how to save money on internet service in other ways so that they are able to secure high-speed internet without spending a small fortune. 

Do you fall into this category? Then you should take the time to learn how to lower an internet bill. It is possible to make your internet service provider (ISP) affordable if you know which steps you should take. 

Here are nine simple ways that you can save on internet service moving forward. 

1. Start by Seeing If You're Paying Too Much for Internet Service 

The first thing you should do when you're trying to figure out how to lower your internet bill is actually sit down with your bill to see what you are paying. A lot of people are on auto-pilot when it comes to paying for their internet service, so they don't even know if they are paying too much for it. 

You should take a look at what internet service is costing you and compare it to the national average. Most people pay right around $50 or $60 for internet service depending on where they live, what kind of internet service they have, and who their internet service provider is. 

If you are paying a whole lot more than that to stay connected to the internet, you're probably paying too much for it. You will then know that you need to learn how to save money on internet service. 

2. Call Your Internet Service Provider Up and Negotiate With Them 

If you discover that you are, in fact, paying way too much money for internet service, the next thing you should do is call your internet service provider up and talk to them about it. You should let your internet providers know that you feel as though your bill is too high and tell them that you would like to get a lower price. 

Believe it or not, many internet service providers will then go ahead and negotiate a better price for you, especially if you've been a customer with them for a relatively long time. They'll adjust the terms of your internet service so that the price you're paying for it fits into your budget better. 

Not all internet service providers are going to be open to negotiating with you. If you're locked into a contract, they'll know that there isn't much you can do in the short term if you're not happy with the price you're paying for internet service. 

But it never hurts to at least try to negotiate with your provider. They might surprise you by agreeing to chop your internet costs down to size immediately. 

3. Hire a Third-Party Company to Contact Your ISP and Negotiate on Your Behalf 

Don't feel comfortable negotiating your internet costs with your internet service provider on your own? There are a whole host of third-party companies out there that will negotiate for you if you would like them to. 

These companies will contact your internet service provider and say all the right things to get you a lower price on your internet service. The one catch is that they will then charge you a portion of what you'll be saving on your internet bill for a certain amount of time. 

Even still, it's an excellent way to reduce your internet costs without having to do too much at all on your part. 

4. Look Into Potentially Switching to a New ISP 

If you don't have any luck negotiating with your internet service provider and you're not locked into a contract at the moment, it might be time to take your business elsewhere. Assuming there are other internet service providers in your area, you have the right to contact them to assume the role of providing you with internet. 

Prior to making a switch, you should do your homework on local internet service providers to see which ones have the best reputations in your community. You might want to consider working with a company that's on the smaller side, if possible, since they tend to offer better internet rates than most of the bigger companies. 

5. Think About Scaling Back Your Internet Speeds 

Do you need to have the fastest internet speeds imaginable? Then scaling back your internet speeds might not be an option for you. 

But if you only use the internet to do things like check your email and connect with family members and friends on Facebook, you don't need to have lightning-fast internet speeds. You could get away with dialing your internet speeds back a bit in exchange for a reduction in your internet bill. 

This high speed Internet guide can teach you all about the different internet speeds and help you figure out how fast you need your internet to be. 

6. Bundle Your Internet Service With Your Cable TV and Home Phone Services 

There are millions of Americans who are "cutting the cord" every year and doing away with their cable TV service. There are also millions of Americans shutting off their home phones and using cell phones in their place. 

If you've done either of these two things, bundling your internet service with your cable TV and home phone services obviously won't be an option for you. But if you still have cable TV and a home phone and you haven't bundled them together with your internet service, doing it is an easy way to save yourself some money. 

7. Stop Paying to Rent a Modem and/or Router Every Month 

When you first sign up for internet service through an ISP, they'll take a trip out to your home and get the internet all set up for you. As part of this process, they'll hook up a modem and/or a router that you'll use to connect your various devices to the internet. 

What you might not realize, though, is that the modem and/or router that an internet service provider gives you is not going to be free. Oftentimes, you'll pay to rent it every month for as long as you have it. 

Rather than doing this, you would be better off telling your ISP, "No thanks!", when it comes to renting a modem and/or router and purchasing these things yourself. It'll cost you some money upfront, but it'll bring your internet bill down every month and pay off in the end. 

8. Find Out If You Might Quality for a Subsidy for Internet Service 

Some internet service providers have earned a reputation for being greedy. But the vast majority of them try to go out of their way to make sure that everyone is able to connect to the internet, even if they can't afford internet service. 

They've set up programs that give people an opportunity to qualify for a subsidy for internet service in certain situations. You might be able to qualify for a subsidy if your income falls below a specific amount. It'll allow you to get internet access for under $10 in some instances. 

There is a chance that you might not qualify for a subsidy. But you should give it a shot if you suspect that your income might enable you to earn one. 

9. Consider Canceling Your Internet Service Altogether 

In the modern digital era, it is almost impossible to live your life without including the internet in it. Studies have shown that upwards of 90% of Americans rely on the internet on a daily basis. 

But with that being said, you don't necessarily need to have internet service in your home to get on the internet every day. You might be able to use your cell phone to connect your devices to the internet for short periods of time. You might also be able to visit your local library to use the internet there.

If you're able to do these kinds of things, you can potentially get away with canceling your internet service altogether. And wouldn't it be nice to stop paying an internet service provider too much money every month? 

Learning How to Save Money on Internet Service Is Worth Your Time and Effort 

Many people fall into the trap of paying too much money for internet service every month. They don't stay on top of their internet bill and shell out way more money than they should for internet service. 

Don't do this! Instead, learn how to save money on internet service by taking advantage of all the tips found here. They should help you shed some of your internet costs and make your internet bill more manageable each month. 

Interested in finding more ways to cut the cord or save money on a regular basis? Browse through the articles on our blog to get other great suggestions on saving money on internet, phone, cable, electronics, and much more.

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