How To Enhance Your Productivity When Working From Home

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Working remotely has increased among many companies to give their staff a lot of flexibility. It is a great way to eliminate unnecessary traffic and help companies to stop renting large offices. 

While working remotely is great and can give you more freedom in the comfort of your own home, it can be difficult to adapt to the new environment of having a home office, following a new schedule, and developing productive habits of working from home. Luckily, there are ways to remain productive on a daily basis and manage a heavy workload without worrying that you will get behind. 

For example, Microsoft Surface is perfect for Microsoft Teams, It's the details it provides to increase your focus while working with a team remotely. Your boss is still expecting you to perform at an excellent level while you are working from home on projects that have a short deadline and managing your time properly without supervision. 

Having a good internet connection is believed to be the only thing that is required while working from home, but that is not enough. Working on projects that needs constantly communication and team collaboration can impact the process, as well as its productivity. 

Adding tools and resources will improve the experience of working from home to deliver the best results. You will need tools that enhance collaborations, project management, scheduling and hosting virtual meetings, tracking the process of projects and teamwork, sharing internal documents, asset management, and more. 

It can be quite overwhelming when searching for the right tools but don’t stress! We have put together the best software to use for working efficiently from home. 

6 Best Tools For Working Remotely 

Every aspect of working from home requires different tools and software that can provide great benefits. Here are the 6 best tools to improve your productivity while working remotely: 

1. Google Suite 

Google Suite is a favorite among teams and projects that requires different collaborations. This user-friendly platform offers different tools such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Drive, and Google Slide. Google Suite is extremely affordable with a monthly fee that can be as low as 5 dollars. The platform allows access to eDiscovery capabilities, Open API, unlimited cloud storage, archiving, and more. 

You can also trust Google Drive to store your data securely, as well as giving you access to it from any device in the world. It is a great way to share documents with your team safely and without worrying if cyber hackers can find a way in, as Google provides secure access to the data. 

2. Microsoft Office Teams And Microsoft Surface 

Microsoft Office Teams carries everything that you need such as Excel, Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint on any device. It gives you the freedom to share, manage, edit, and store documents. By using Microsoft Office Teams, you get to communicate with your coworkers through email, internal discussion platforms, and have meetings via video calls. 

Microsoft Surface is another powerful tool to add along with Office Teams, as it effectively manages your productivity in your home’s office. Microsoft Surface will keep you busy regardless if you have access to Wi-Fi or not. Thanks to its ability to use radio frequency communication, Microsoft Surface can connect to LTE network towers the same way your phone does. 

Using Microsoft Surface will also limit any security risks due to its ability to connect to LTE towers. Public Wi-Fi networks are known to be an easy access to secure data and hackers always attack public systems. 

Microsoft Surface will also reduce the amount of space you need to use multiple devices that provide different functions. You can use it for Microsoft Office Teams and then switch it into a device that is similar to smartphones within seconds. 

3. Zoom 

Zoom is a desktop platform that is extremely easy to use for meetings. The app can be installed on any type of computer and smartphone to allow access from anywhere in the world. 

You can schedule, launch, and record any virtual meeting you are hosting with your team. Zoom also allows the host to share a screen during the meeting to show a presentation or edit your work live with your collaboration team. 

4. Ring Central And Glip 

Ring Central and Glip both have great benefits for people who are working from home. Ring Central allows you to forward any calls made to your business line directly to your mobile phone to avoid missing any important calls without giving away your personal phone number. 

Glip provides a very strong tool that improves your project management through utilizing their real-time group chats and having the ability to share files and calendars. The task manager is not the only impressive tool that Glip has to offer, as you can also start virtual meetings using their video chat function on the app. 

Other benefits you will get from using Glip is the ability to search through the group chat for anything notes you may need to add to the project. 

5. Slack 

If you are constantly finding yourself lost in different group chats that handle several projects and tasks, then Slack is your answer to make your life a lot easier. You can separate each real-time chat by subject to stop losing track on which project you are communicating about. 

Slack also allows users to integrate activities from different platforms such as Trello, Github, and Pingdom. It gives you the ultimate control that is difficult to obtain when you are working remotely

Other features include creating a channel for each client that can only be accessed through invite to prevent any data from getting stolen. 

6. Doodle 

Doodle is an app that makes collaboration very organized by scheduling meetings with a team regardless of size, position, and time zone. Using Doodle eliminates the dreadful task of having to go back and forth through emails to find a time for a virtual meeting that fits everyone’s schedule. 

Doodle allows users to set their availability to help you choose a time that works for everyone.

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