Akulaku: The Financial Inclusion Service Provider In Indonesia

akulaku financial inclusion service provider indonesia finance app

Provision of financial services has, for long, been a preserve for the customers in the banking sector who hold accounts and credit cards. Any other person outside this sector was left to transact on cash and with no access to credit facilities. Thanks to innovative technology, especially in the mobile phone industry that has led financial institutions in Indonesia to devise ways and means of transferring financial services to our hands. 

Financial apps signups have since been overtaking the brick and mortar account opening in Asian countries. These applications not only come with the convenience of doing business but have also enabled users to access other services such as making payments for utilities and online shopping. The digital financial platforms also allow the collection of individual data that enables service providers to score clients on their creditworthiness. Hence, the user can access shorter credit facilities with short and medium repayment plans. 

Akulaku Finance Indonesia is one of the leading mobile financial service providers that take care of both the banked and unbanked population in Indonesia. It basically delivers solutions to most of your financial needs at the palm of your hands via smartphones. The App is available for download and signup from both the Google play store and Apple App Store. 

What Services Do Financial Apps Like Akulaku Provide? 

The idea behind mobile financial applications is to include everyone in accessing financial services without discrimination. Since almost every citizen in Indonesia nowadays has a smartphone, it has become a lot easier to take services to the people than people coming for services to the banking halls. This service is what we call in Indonesian language as “kredit tanpa kartu kredit” or simply a credit without a credit card. Signing up for these service allows you to access several benefits including: 

Shopping Online With Installments 

In the past, only credit cardholders were able to purchase their dream items online and repay the amount to the credit card provider in later days. However, with the new App, the user can now access credit purchases online even if they don’t have credit cards. The Akulaku application allows you to shop and repay the amount in affordable and flexible installments so that you don’t strain in making repayments. Hence, you are able to buy more at a go and repay later. 

Utility Payments 

The mobile financial Apps come with extra payment options besides online shopping. The providers will usually partner with utility companies to allow users to pay for basic services at the comfort of their homes. It allows you to pay your domestic bills, pay tickets, purchase mobile data, and top-up credit. This convenience enables a user to fulfill their monthly obligations in good time and saves time queuing at utility pay points than doing something else productive. 

E-Commerce Credit Limit 

The credit facility also extends to other online platforms that offer e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Bukalapak, and Blibli. The provider will set for you a credit limit depending on your ability to pay based on your credit history and other parameters. Hence, it is the most flexible App that doesn’t dictate how and where you shop as long as you pay back in good time. 

Cash Loans 

The innovative financial apps also recognize that cash at hand is equally important to meet some expenditures. Get cash credit on Akulaku App to meet your cash demands such as the purchase of goods not available online, go for a trip, or have a good time with friends. The application is easy and takes a few minutes to process. Once your request has been approved, the App allows you to transfer the amount directly to your bank account for withdrawal. 

In Summary 

The growth of mobile phone usage has created an avenue for bringing essential services, including financial services closer to the people, and Indonesia is doing very well in this regard. Several service providers have come up with financial apps in an attempt to decentralize financial services from the brick and mortar sites. These apps come with increased financial transactions with improved security and at lower costs. 

Digital financial services, like from the Akulaku App, allow users without credit cards to access credit services from shopping and utility payments. It also allows for cash loans directly to the holder’s bank account. In addition, users can repay the amounts utilized above their balances at flexible repayment periods to avoid defaults, hence safeguarding their credit scores. It is most likely that in the next few years, Indonesia and other countries in Southeast Asia will fully rely on digital platforms that offer financially inclusive services to the people.

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