A Bird's-Eye View Of The Digital Marketing World

bird's eye view digital marketing world

The word ‘digital marketing’ has rapidly taken over the industries in the past decade. With the passage of time, as Internet usage is becoming more and more common, the chance for attracting the right customers through digital means is becoming easy. Every organization is transforming their marketing strategies and are shifting towards the digital. 

Despite hearing the word digital over and over again, there is often some confusion in what it really means, how it is different from traditional marketing and how it adds value to the organization. If you are looking for these answers, keep on reading this article. 

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Definition Of Digital Marketing 

The processes, content, and strategies used when raising awareness amongst customers about a product or service through an online platform is called digital marketing. Online platforms include social media, emailing, and search engine websites. All these are utilized as tools in digital marketing. 

Types Of Digital Marketing 

There are different types of digital marketing strategies that can be utilized by any organization. They are briefly discussed below: 

1) Email Marketing 

This is one of the oldest marketing techniques used in the digital marketing world. Emails are sent out by different organizations to potential customers. These emails contain details about your product. The challenge with this kind of marketing is that most people do not read promotional emails. They need to be tailored in such a way that the email reader becomes compelled to read it. 

2) Search Engine Optimization 

As the name implies, SEO is the process of making a business optimized for the search engine. It increases the visibility of the website ensuring that it comes to the top when relevant searches are made. SEO takes time and is not an overnight process. A lot of effort as well as content is required in order to accomplish that. Link building is the major strategy that is used in SEO. 

3) Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 

This is not an easy task. Keywords play a vital role in the search engine marketing process. When any person types in those keywords in the search engine, they should be directed to your website. Or the search engine should display your website on the top of the search list. 

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4) Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

Social media marketing is one of the most common techniques utilized by marketing departments to create an online presence. If some thought is given to this, it can be easily understood why social media marketing makes much sense. Everyone is on social media, one platform or another. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are some of the giants in social media. Businesses should understand where their advertisements would work best. 

For example, B2B businesses should create an account on LinkedIn as they have more potential to attract the right audience on it. 

Purpose Of Digital Marketing 

Following are the purposes of digital marketing: 

 Increase Online Presence 

Let your customers know that you exist in every sphere of their life. By seeing your ads and commercials online and offline your online presence increases. 

 Generate a Bigger Revenue 

We live in a fast world these days. Nobody has the time to listen to the radio or sit down and watch television like they used to. But on the other hand, usage of social media platforms has become very common. By using digital marketing strategies, you will be able to target even those people who do not follow TVCs and print media ads. This increases your customer base and generates a bigger revenue for your organization. 

• Reduce Your Marketing Budget 

TVCs and print media ads can cost A LOT. Several hundred and thousands of dollars are wasted on them. But on the other hand, when using a proper social media platform to market your product or service, you can spend less amount and gain maximum benefits along with higher relevant audience reach out of it.

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