7 Ways To Balance School And Work

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Not everyone has the luxury of having enough money to help sustain their lifestyle. As such, the option of having a part-time job while in college is not unusual. This then allows you to earn extra pocket money which can help ease the burden of your loans and other fees. Or you may be working a full-time job while undertaking part time courses in singapore. However, the question being posed is, how do you cope with both work and school? No worries, here are some tips we have for you! 

The benefits of having a part-time job while in college do not only include the extra cash being earned but it could also make your weekends more enjoyable! This is especially so if you feel like you are drowning in work and would like to change pace and environment. Working with people and making friends while it can be a stress reliever for some. As such, these are some suggestion we have for you: 

1. Your Boss Must Know That You Are A Student 

You should always let your boss know that you are still a student, especially if you are a full-time student. This knowledge then allows them to come up with a flexible schedule that will suit your school timetable. Many bosses look forward to hiring students as they get low-cost help. 

It is also important to let your boss know during the interview that your priority is your studies. There has to be an agreement between both parties so as to accommodate whatever school- related activities that occurs. School obligations must come first. Try to convince your boss to allow you to work remotely and ensure that you fulfill all your task requirements. This provides you with the convenience of working from campus. 

If you stay with that company until you graduate, there is a high chance of being converted into a full-time employee. 

2. Plan Your Schedule 

Trying to juggle between work and studies is not an easy task. As such, it is important to have all the important dates jotted down, allowing you to visualize your schedule. This allows you to see when is a good time to work and when it is not. 

It is good to check in advance for the days of your examinations so as to set aside time for you to study. Coordinate with your boss early to make sure that there will be no misunderstanding or clashes when the period comes. 

Other than jotting it down into a notebook or planner. There are many planner applications out there for you to use. 

You could also just use the built-in calendar application that is already available on your mobile device. Set alarms to remind you ahead of times of important events that are going to happen so that you do not miss out on them. 

3. Have A Good Support System 

As flexible as your boss might be when it comes to planning out your work schedule, there might be some days when you just cannot attend class because of it. In light of this issue, it is good to have friends and classmates who are willing to share their notes with you and perhaps help you out in your studies whenever you need them. It is also good to explain your situation to your professors and ask if they are available to hold consultations with you to help you understand concepts that you might have missed. 

4. Understand Yourself

Know how much your body can take. Do not try to overdo anything. Though having a part-time job can be beneficial in the long run, you should not worry about it too much. Remember to choose a job that is suitable to your schedule, neglecting your studies is not a very wise option. 

You are a student, and you have so much opportunity to explore different areas such as work, socializing, and play. But you may find yourself comparing yourself to those students who do not need a part-time job, and lament that they sound like they are having a way more interesting experience than you are. Prioritization then comes into play, what do you value more? It is better to have a balance than chase a lifestyle that you cannot maintain. 

Take note of your achievements too. Be it school or your part-time job, do your best, and learn as much as you can. The skills you pick up can then be added to your resume. 

5. Manage Your Time Wisely 

Having to cope with both work and school can be very stressful. As such, it is a good idea to take breaks in between - set aside some days for relaxation and restoration. 

Additionally, try not to let yourself get distracted too much. Be it with the newest computer game or latest rom-com on Netflix, do not procrastinate. While it is good to take breaks here and there to prevent burnouts, you should not leave all your work to the last minute. It can be very tiring after a long day of work and if you are trying to cram in some last-minute studies or churn out a three thousand word essay in a night - I say, don’t. 

The faster you finish your work, the more time to have to do the things you want and relax! 

6. Sleep 

With that being said, sleep is very important. Do not overwork yourself or burn the midnight oil too often. Studies have shown that staying up late can interrupt the body’s circadian rhythms. Additionally, the lack of sleep can affect your concentration and health. As such, it is very important to have enough sleep. Let your body recharge. 

7. Sign Up For Online Classes 

Taking up an online class is not a bad idea. These lessons are usually pre-recorded or done live through applications such as Zoom. This then gives you the flexibility of working in a space that suits your needs the most without having to be on campus. Additionally, with pre-recorded lessons, you can listen to them wherever you are free. If your job allows you to watch and listen to the lectures at the same time, you can then do both work and study simultaneously. 

Stay Balanced During Classes And Work 

In the end, it is very good to understand your needs first. Remind yourself of why you have taken up this part-time job while taking college classes - for the extra cash? Or experience that can benefit you in the future. There also has to be a balance. Working all day and neglecting not only your studies but missing out on some student experiences that happen in college can be quite a waste. Thus, manage your time wisely and remember to give yourself ample break time to rest and recharge.

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