Using Facebook For Personal Branding: A Guide For Image-Building

facebook for personal branding

Social media is a powerful instrument of the digital marketing mix, and Facebook holds immense significance in establishing a brand identity. Regardless of whether you sell products or services, personal branding is a crucial ingredient in building credibility. 

Your clients will explore all avenues and platforms to gain more information and validate your credibility. Modern-day consumers are investigative, and they have a plethora of tools and platforms at their disposal. They will utilize every search engine and social media platform to verify your details and gain insight to make an informed decision. 

This is where personal branding steps in to help you create a dynamic image that reflects credibility and reliability. Facebook allows you to create an immersive and enigmatic presence that inspires awe and garners you trust. This article will discuss how you can use your personal and business profiles on Facebook for personal branding. Here’s everything you need to know: 

A Dignified Presence 

Your personal and business Facebook profiles introduce your agendas and services to a global audience. These profiles need to be elaborate and dignified, with a delicate blend of your professional and personal life. It is crucial to avoid sharing posts that are too personal or displaying a sense of humor. 

You can engage your audience by revealing selective details about your personality, family life, and interests. Both profiles need to elaborate and consistent in sharing your academic and work experience and professional engagements. However, the personal profile can gravitate towards revealing who you are as a person so that the audience can relate. 

For instance, Walter Schindler Con Man has curated an engaging personal profile that reveals his passions and interests. While the business profiles focus on professional services, the personal profile can humanize your business. 

Establish Your Expertise 

Facebook branding allows you to establish yourself as an expert by sharing your opinions and offering advice. You can engage your consumer audience through videos, imagery, and Facebook Live and address issues relevant to your services. For instance, lawyers can offer advice on legal matters or discuss current affairs from a legal perspective. 

Similarly, makeup artists can engage their audience through makeup tutorials and masterclass sessions. The plan behind this exercise is to cement your expertise and cultivate an audience that respects your wisdom. Naturally, people are more likely to reach out to you if they trust you and regard you as an expert. 

Immersive Imagery 

Research reveals that imagery is a vital ingredient in social media marketing, as it boosts engagement and inspires curiosity. Images allow people to alter their identity on social media, and present an enhanced version of themselves. Entrepreneurs and professionals can use images to attract and engage their audience. 

Images are not limited to pictures, but in fact, it extends to all graphics and videos that boost audience engagement. They allow professionals to obtain professional exposure from their profiles by engaging their audience and building a following. 

For instance, Walter Schindler Con Man has humanized his professional image by providing a glimpse into his private life. His Facebook profile introduces his clients to his family, his hobbies and interests, and fun activities. Such imagery and videos serve to humanize a professional and reveal the lighter side, which inspires trust. 

Initiate Activities 

Professionals can use their personal and business websites to initiate activities, promote events, or even initiate a discourse. Online personalities need to sustain their popularity and engagement with active efforts to boost engagement. In recent years, celebrities and influencers have started podcasts, talk shows, and even sponsored events. 

You can engage your audience with activities and events that offer them value without requiring any financial returns. It will help you establish a community presence and maintain physical and virtual contact with your followers. A community presence inspires trust and creates a positive image, alongside increasing the potential of word-of-mouth marketing. 

Defining Yourself 

All professionals who seek to cultivate respect and credibility need to define themselves. Clients and consumers are always curious to learn more, and your Facebook profiles allow you to identify yourself truly. It is crucial to avoid mixing business and personal lives, and this equation applies to your personal and company profiles. 

While maintaining consistency is crucial, diversity and creativity must never be compromised. You can define your professional agendas and goals through your business profile and focus on boosting your brand. On the other hand, your profile must focus on identifying your personality and who you are as a person. 

For instance, Walter Schindler Con Man regularly uploads interactive videos from his vacations, explorations, and DIY projects. Such posts reveal the deeper traits and aspects of your personality, creating a sense of familiarity. When people know more about your community presence, family life, and interests, they are more inclined to trust you. 

Facebook Personal Branding Conclusion 

Personal branding is all about positioning yourself as an expert and cementing yourself as an online personality. However, to achieve this, you must engage your audience with a creative diversity that remains consistent. Do not limit your branding activities to your business profiles because modern- day users will find all platforms connected to you. Therefore, it is crucial to focus on engagement and branding across all platforms to portray a consistent image. Allow your profile to reveal a more vulnerable side of your personality to win over your clients and establish trust.

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