6 Tips for Picking Fun Office Supplies for Your Home Office

tips picking fun office supplies for home offices

Is your home office space looking a bit dull and boring? We all know that having a cute and put together workspace will make us feel more productive throughout the day especially if we work from home. 

A home office needs to be filled with fun office supplies that make you ready and motivated to start working every single day. 

So where do you begin when looking for what kinds of office supplies to buy? There are tons of great office supplies that your home office needs!

Keep reading for our guide to six of the best tips for picking fun office supplies for your home office. 

1. Standing Desk

Something that you might already have in your office is a desk, but if you're looking to upgrade any time soon, then a standing desk is a must! A standing desk will help you raise your desk to the standing level so that you don't have to sit down all day.

Standing has instead of sitting throughout your workday tons of awesome health benefits. 

When you're standing instead of sitting, then you're burning more calories which can help reduce the risk of heart disease and obesity.

Did you know that you can also get neck and back pain from sitting too often at work? A standing desk will help to ease your muscles while sitting actually causes tension.

Plus, if you upgrade to a standing desk then you might even find yourself even more productive in your home office. 

2. Unique Mouse Pad

When looking for cool office supplies, one thing that you will need is a mouse pad for your computer. There are tons of different styles of mouse pads and it is up to you to find one that will fit into your aesthetic. 

They have mouse pads that are convenient with a gel pad which will be comfortable for your wrist.

On the other hand, you might want a mouse pad that is funny so that you have something to laugh at every day before you start working. 

You also might be looking for something cute and decide on a mouse pad that looks like a little rug or tapestry. Some mouse pads will even warm your hand for you while you use it! 

3. Eco-Friendly Writing Utensils

Everyone needs something to write with on their list of must-have office supplies, so why not go for something eco-friendly and recyclable?

You will need a pen or pencils close by while working especially if you're on a phone call and looking to jot down a quick note. 

Reducing plastic waste by buying recycled paper pens is an awesome way to help out the environment! You might be thinking why not just recycle your plastic pens when you're done using them? Since plastic pens contain mental, then they aren't able to be recycled.  

Check out helpful posts on Pinterest for how to find recycled stationery that you need in your home office right away.

4. Upgrade Your Sticky Notes

One of the coolest office supplies that you might already have is sticky notes but one way to make them even cooler is by getting Roller Notes. These sticky notes come in the shape of a paint roller and are an awesome way to leave notes for yourself. 

You can paint on a fresh layer of notes anywhere that you need them. All you need to do is trim them to fit and then you're good to go! 

Sticky notes are awesome for leaving yourself little reminders about things that you need to do. These are perfect to spice up your home office and add a bit of fun to your workday.

5. Classic Tape Dispenser

Choosing the best office supplies means that you will need to also stick to the basics and get things like a tape dispenser. Yet, that doesn't mean that you need to substitute practicality for fun. 

There are also lots of tape dispensers that are practical but are still loads of fun. For example, you might want to get the tape dispenser that looks just like a unicorn for your desk and even use rainbow tape. 

On the other hand, you might want to invest in the bedazzled tape dispenser to bring a bit of bling and shine to your desk. 

Even when you're just choosing some regular office supplies you don't need to pick the plain boring ones. Go for some fun and interesting office supplies no matter what they are! 

6. Charging Pad or Station for Electronics 

One of the best office supplies for your home office is something that will help to keep all of your electronics charged at once. A charging pad can charge your phone, watch, headphones, as well as any other electronics that will go onto it. 

Look to see what types of chargers you need for the electronics you have and try to find one that will do it all! The more minimal you can get with your charger than the better. That way you can keep them all together on your desk and they won't be taking up a lot of space. 

Plus, when you're working you might want to have a good reason to set some of these electronics aside as they can be huge distractions. Having a charging pad or docking station for all of them will be a smart way to set them aside so that they won't distract you when you're trying to get things done. 

If you can't find one station for all of your electronics, then look for something to keep them together and organized in your home office. This way you will have a designated spot for them while you work.

Fun Office Supplies for You

Working from home is a luxury but sometimes you need other things to help keep you motivated and ready to be productive every day. There are so many different fun office supplies that your home office can be filled with so that you can be ready and motivated to start working each morning. 

If you're looking for tips to help market your business from the comfort of your home, then our website has you covered! Be sure to bookmark our page and keep checking back for more awesome advice that you can use for your business. 

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