Tips For Improving Your Customer Experience During Covid-19

tips improving customer experience during covid-19 cx coronavirus pandemic

Startups and small businesses have been bearing the brunt of the Covid-19 crisis. The necessary adaptations and the challenge of keeping customers engaged is a constant struggle, and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight. 

If you're still working to adapt to the changing world, here are some helpful tips for improving your customer care experience during Covid-19. 

Prioritize Safety 

Customers want to know that businesses care about their customers, not just their money. Take the necessary steps to ensure your customers are safe when they take advantage of your offerings. Whether that's reduced hours to allow for sanitization or contact-free delivery, do whatever it takes to help your customers feel at ease. 

If you don't prioritize safety, your customers will leave your business for competitors that are doing their part. 

Be A Helper 

Think of how your business can go above and beyond during this difficult time. When your business becomes a helper in the community, you'll attract new customers who appreciate your efforts. 

Liox, a wash and fold service from New York, exemplified this with their "I'M AFFECTED" discount. Liox put this program in place to help keep New Yorkers out of crowded laundromats to mitigate the spread while respecting the fact that they may be facing financial difficulty. This show of compassion will stay in customers' minds long after the situation has passed. 

Being a helper should start within the business. Think about how you can help your employees during this time. If your employees feel empowered and cared for, they'll provide better service to your customers. 

Use Standardization 

Adding standardization and clearly outlined procedures will help keep your business moving forward. Having a list of frequently asked questions and acceptable answers aligned with your business and the ever-changing regulations can help your employees communicate. 

Having standard procedures can also create sustainable habits as changes are made within the business. This could pertain to tasks that need to be completed by employees working from home or basic cleaning protocols in an office setting. 

Be Accessible And Transparent 

As this unprecedented situation evolves, customers will have a lot of questions and concerns. The more accessible and transparent your business, the better your customer experience will be. 

Consider how your customers contact you most frequently— social media, texting, email, etc.— and have plans in place to be responsive. Using chatbots with frequently asked questions can help you answer inquiries about store hours, health protocols, and reservations. 

Prioritize Clear Communication 

Take time to think about your communication and craft a clear message before responding to customer inquiries. Take a proactive approach in crafting your communications to answer questions before they're asked. Regular social media updates can help manage expectations and ensure your customers know how to access your offerings or services. 

Remember to look at passive communication points as well. For example, your Google My Business page may still be showing pre-pandemic business hours. Ensure that the various touchpoints for your business are clear and concise. 

Clear communication will also help remind your customers that your business is affected too, and drive home the idea that everyone is in this together. 

Reward Loyalty 

The Covid-19 pandemic is a fantastic opportunity to explore customer loyalty rewards. Consider how you can offer value to your customers who continue to support your business during the pandemic to show your appreciation. 

Create a plan to offer discounts or value-added offerings to help encourage customers who are experiencing financial difficulties. These offerings will encourage them to spend their diminished disposable income now and in the future. 

With these practices, you can improve your customer experience during the global pandemic and create a continuity plan to take you through these unprecedented times.

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