Creating an Amazing Office: 8 Tips for Putting Together the Best Office Set Up

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Working from home is a lifestyle that tends to sound easier than it is. You might love working in your lounge clothes and having no morning commute. However, focusing while you work from home isn't as simple as it sounds.

For most people, their home office is the deal-breaker. Putting together the best office set up for your needs will make you more productive at work while also ensuring that the rest of your home feels like home, not work.

Start with these top tips for a wonderful work space!

1. Establish the Boundaries

In an ideal world, your home office should be an enclosed room that is separate from the rest of the home. In practice, this isn't always possible.

If you can only manage part of a room, create some physical boundary. A dressing screen, for example, is an easy way to improvise.

With this boundary in place, you can make it clear to your family members or roommates that this space is your office. When you're in this space, you need uninterrupted work time.

That boundary also gives your brain a signal. It keeps your workplace and your home separate so it's easier to enjoy your home outside of work hours. If everything happens in the same space, your work-life balance could suffer.

Keep in mind that you need a dedicated office space to claim home office expenses on your taxes, too. A physical boundary will make that separation clear.

2. Start With the Furniture Essentials

Your office furniture is one of the most crucial parts of your home office set up. The key is to tailor it to your specific needs and comforts.

One popular choice is an adjustable sit-stand desk. These desks transform from sitting to standing at the push of a button so you don't stay stationary for too long.

The same applies to your chair. Choose something adjustable based on the way you prefer to sit. Make sure it helps your posture instead of hurting it. 

You can also look into accessories that can help you stay pain-free and more productive while you are working. Things like orthopedic chair pads can have a tremendous effect on the quality of your office life. Here are some seat cushion reviews - check them out

3. Light the Way

Spending all day in an office with the wrong lighting can give you headache after headache while hurting your productivity. The key is to have multiple options for light sources so you can adjust your lighting as necessary.

You want to have as much natural light as possible. Make sure you have a way to dampen it when you need to, like blinds or shades.

Add in a few types of lamps, like a desk lamp and a standing lamp. If you have overhead lighting too, you now have four light sources you can mix and match at will.

4. Create an Organizational Scheme

When your office is organized, you can focus better because you aren't distracted by all the clutter.

You tend to save time too because you always know where things are. No more frustrating searches through piles of papers.

Come up with an organizational plan that makes sense for your business's needs. Whether that includes filing cabinets, a bulletin board, or any number of other tools, create a plan and stick to it.

5. Bring in the Technology

Now that you have the basics, it's time to think about the technology you need. Depending on how you spend your days, that could include a computer, printer, phone or headset, speakers, and more.

The key is to balance your budget with your needs. If you only print materials once or twice a month, is it worth the cost and the space to buy a printer? Or should you head to an office supply store when you need to print instead?

As you set up your computer in particular, consider the glare from the sun. Check how the natural light comes into the room at various times of the day. Set up your computer in a place that avoids incoming glare.

6. Get the Right Software

With your technology in place, the next step is buying the software you need for your business. To keep your budget in line, the trick is to find products or subscriptions that serve multiple purposes.

Take Office 365 for example. With one subscription you can create text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, you name it. For all these reasons, it's a valuable addition to most home offices.

The same is true for your financial software. A program like Quickbooks allows you to accept payments, manage expenses, run detailed financial reports, and generate invoices to name a few.

7. Block out the Noise

Many people share their home with at least one other noise-making housemate, whether it's a pet, a partner, a child, a roommate, or all of the above. It takes a surprisingly small amount of noise to break down your productivity.

Find a way to block that noise. The door alone may be enough, but it isn't always. A white noise machine often helps by giving you a consistent background noise that drowns out other noises.

You could even go the extra mile and install soundproofing panels. The bottom line is to do what you need to do to have a comfortable workspace.

8. Spruce Up Your Amazing Office Set Up

Now that you have all the essentials, it's time to decorate. Some people see this as an unnecessary luxury. In reality, it can have more of an impact on your mindset and productivity than you think.

Start by thinking about the mindset you want to have while you work. Let's say your job is to manage your own website, and that website has a bright, fun feel.

Design your office with decor that reflects this brand. From the moment you step into your home office setup, you'll be in the right frame of mind.

Creating the Best Office Set up in Your Home

As you design your home office, there is one rule above all: do what works for you. Every person works best in a different type of environment. The goal is to create the best office set up for your comfort and your needs.

For more tips on how to design your best home office set up without blowing your budget, check out more of our business blog. After reading more of our wonderful workplace tips, you'll have the best office set up in the business!

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