5 Reasons To Use Instagram For Your CBD Brand

how to use instagram marketing cbd brand

Launch your CBD brand on Instagram using this list we’ve compiled featuring simple tips to help you advertise your business. 

With millions of people interested in CBD, CBD products and brands are becoming more popular than ever. If you have a CBD business, you’re competing with every brand out there. Trying to raise exposure and brand awareness while selling products is a challenge of its own. Since there are so many restrictions in place by social media outlets while advertising CBD, it has made it more and more difficult to get your brand in front of the customer. 

Instagram has become a staple social media channel for advertising CBD products, which many businesses have come to benefit from. And while there are certain restrictions in place, we’ve made a list of the top 5 reasons you should use Instagram for your CBD brand! 

1. Research Is Key 

Research is important, especially on Instagram. You have the option to include relevant tags to your post to reach a broader audience and get your CBD brand in front of more people. Important things to consider researching include: 

- well-researched hashtags 
- location tags (where are you located?) 
- tagging relevant accounts or influencers with a large following 

Instagram and social media are incredible and free ways to promote your brand. When you add good-old research to the mix, your results are endless! You will have the ability to get your brand in front of more people all by targeting them specifically though what you include in each post. Which brings us to our next reason Instagram is advertisement gold... 

2. Post, Post, Post! 

Instagram does have a policy in place which does not allow paid advertisements for CBD products. But that doesn’t mean you can’t feature your products in posts from your brand’s account. This can actually be good for you! Save your money - Instagram advertisements can be expensive, so instead focus on quality content for your CBD brand’s page. 

Create quality images for each post and uploaded story. Make them eye-catching and appealing to the average person looking up CBD hashtags or for anyone who stumbled onto your page. Add captions that are interesting to read and build a following for your products! 

3. Influencer Marketing 

If you’re looking to increase your brand’s visibility, consider reaching out to an Instagram influencer account. Finding an influencer that fits with your brand can help to drive your message to potential customers. 

How does it work? Influencers are typically paid to post a photo using your CBD merchandise with a caption that tags your brand’s Instagram page as well as rave about your product. Collaborating with an influencer opens the door to many benefits. Your brand quickly gains trust, while increasing brand awareness and bringing traffic to your CBD brand’s Instagram page. Using an influencer enriches your social media content strategy and build strong connections for future partnerships. 

It’s important to partner with an influencer who is right for your CBD brand. Keep in mind who your target audience is, and find an influencer who has the right following for you. The influencer you choose for your marketing strategy should resonate with your brand and build momentum amongst the CBD user community. 

4. Engage Your Audience 

Your goal is to create a social network where people are genuinely interested in your business. Your followers expect bi-weekly or daily posts filled with interesting images they can comment on and generally be engaged. If you’re not sure how to engage with your audience beyond the pleasantries of likes and comments, here are some other ways to keep your followers interested. 

• Use your captions to elicit discussion. Although Instagram is a visually driven social network, your caption is a valuable opportunity that can be used to prompt further engagement. 

• Engage in your comment threads. Read what your followers have to say about the photo you post and take the chance to interact with them. Take this opportunity to thank your followers for their comments and respond to any questions asked about the photo, or about your CBD business. 

• Create contests for your followers. Offer a free sample of your product as the prize and create momentum on your Instagram page. Here are some contest ideas: like contest, comment contest, regram contest, and photo challenge contest. Contests are also a good way of monitoring how many active users your page has. 

• Initiate comments on competing brands page. This can help strengthen your online reputation and drive users to your page. 

5. Reach Out To Customers 

Connect with past customers on Instagram and provide an incentive (i.e. promo code) for posting a photo with your product. Request that they use your brand’s @ tag or hashtag so you will be able to re-share their post. Not only is this great free advertisement, but also builds trust in followers who haven’t purchased any products yet. 

Ultimately you need to drive the right people to your CBD website. Once your followers notice that your cannabidiol product is more than just an Instagram picture, and users are happy with their purchase, they will likely be more inclined in making a CBD oil purchase themselves.

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