How Much Should I Charge to Build a Website?

how much should i charge to build a website design pricing

Website design is a lucrative field with no end of job opportunities. After all, having an established presence on the web and social media is now a necessary requirement of growing any business.

If you've decided to start designing websites as a freelance worker, one of the first questions you'll likely find yourself wondering is, "How much should I charge to build a website?"

The cost to build a website varies on a few different factors. Keep reading to learn how much you should be charging.

How Much Should I Charge to Build a Website?

Pricing a website isn't a one size fits all kind of deal. Asking how much you should charge to build a website is like asking how much a house costs. The answer depends on so many variables - where you're located, how big the house is, what kind of shape it's in, and more.

Many website developers simply charge a flat rate for a website with a set amount of pages, say $500 for a five-page website. While this is an expedient way to charge that both the client and designer can agree on and understand, you could really be taking a hit on the amount you're receiving versus the time you're putting in if the job starts to run long.

On the other hand, charging an hourly rate isn't as attractive to some clients, who worry they'll be stuck with a huge bill they weren't expecting at the end. For the designer, however, an hourly rate means you are directly compensated a set amount for the exact amount of time you work.

Website pricing runs the gamut from a few hundred dollars to $50K and above for extensive custom-built websites. When you're trying to decide on your pricing, the best solution is to find a place where you're valuing your services and what you offer while remaining competitive.

Pricing Yourself Competitively While Valuing Your Services

Remember, you aren't selling a website. You're selling a business the tools and solutions they need to increase their business and profits, a service that deserves to be valued and well-paid for.

However, you also need to stay competitive with other website developers to attract clients. Research the pricing models of an experienced firm that will be charging top dollar for their services next to freelancers to understand the range in services and pricing.

What you'll discover is that the cost to build a website varies wildly, and that freelancers charge between $25 and $175 an hour to create websites. The trick is to accurately rate your experience and skills to find a place within that range where you are competitive to others with similar abilities but still receiving what you believe your time is worth.

Building Websites and Getting Paid!

Now you can quit asking, "How much should I charge to build a website?" and start getting paid to do the work! Remember, value your unique skills and ability while staying competitive with other freelancers doing similar work.

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