6 Great Gift Ideas For Your Teenage Daughter

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When it comes to our daughters, it can be hard to find a great gift that they’ll actually us. There’s more to what we’re giving than the item itself. If it’s the thought that counts then you really want to make a splash. Fortunately, you’re on the internet so you have everything available at the push of a button… now all you need is the right idea of what to look for. So, if you’re looking for some great ideas that your kid will love, then read on! 

1. Planner or Journal 

Does your daughter like to stay organized? How about record their thoughts? 

A good diary, fitting the look that your teen likes, is a great way to improve their day. If they journal, that also means they’ll be regularly using it which is a bonus for both of you. 

Planners, on the other hand, are almost essential for keeping track of appointments. 

The cool thing is that, in recent years, the two have become almost indistinguishable. With a wide range of different formats available, there’s sure to be something appealing. There’s actually a surprising amount of thought put into many of them, so check out something like the Panda Planner to get a good start. 

2. Baking And Cooking Accessories 

If your daughter loves to cook, then it’s hard to beat bringing in something to assist them in their hobby. 

Baking, in particular, lends itself well to gifts. Molds, cookie cutters, and even specialized tools for frosting can all be found and add new capabilities to your child’s culinary experiments. 

Of course, some things are great just to have around. 

Has your teenager shown an interest in getting healthy? Maybe a juicer is in order

The truth is this: as long as you have a general idea of what they’re cooking on a regular basis, it’s incredibly easy to find a gif that’ll see a lot of love and use in this arena! 

3. Bluetooth Headphones 

Cords are yesteryear, and these days you can find an excellent pair of Bluetooth earbuds or headphones without spending a ton of money. 

You should match them to your teenager’s activities. Sweat and water-rated options are great for those who are active, and big headphones with great clarity are ideal for those who like to relax and enjoy their music at the same time. 

It’s hard to go wrong with these, just avoid the cheap ones at the bottom of the barrel. They work but they’ll fall apart quickly in the real world. 

4. A New Pet 

For animal lovers, it’s hard to find a better gift than a new pet. The problem for many is foisting so much responsibility upon their teenager. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to go down the dog or cat route. Small mammals make excellent companions and don’t require as much upkeep. You can find everything from designer rats to silkie Guinea pigs

Not only are they cute and fuzzy, but pets are also an excellent way to teach responsibility to younger teens. 

You just have to make sure that it’s something your daughter actually wants. If not, then you’ve just foisted responsibility upon your kid, and you may end up being the one with a new pet. 

5. Protective Phone Cases 

How many teenagers are running around with cracked screens on their phones? It’s an avoidable problem but the truth is that most teens aren’t quite there when it comes to caring for their electronics. 

A protective, and visually pleasing, phone case is an excellent way to remind your child that you’re there for them. Phones are rarely far from hands these days, so it’s a gift that’ll stick out. 

Fortunately, if you’re willing to do the research then you can actually find amazingly protective cases that aren’t overly thick or “industrial” looking. 

It’s the gift that keeps on giving, as well, since your daughter’s phone is likely on your insurance. 

6. Birthstone Jewelry 

One of the most common, and often underrated, gifts for a teenager’s birthday is birthstone jewelry. But… with the internet, it’s more possible than ever before to end up with something perfect. 

Most people know that handcrafted goods can be found online, but what they often don’t realize is that many of these jewelry artists use the same materials found in normal fine jewelry and use it to create something unique. 

Browse around, when a stone is set for a birth month it’s always heavily advertised to bring people in. But you can do much better than normal: why not find something which is truly unique and sure to be cherished for a lifetime?

Gifts To Remember 

A gift is something that should be treasured and used for a long time to come. If you spend the time to find something that your teenager will cherish, rather than just give you thanks for, then you’ve done your job well. These days it’s remarkably easy to find anything their teen heart may desire, so perhaps it’s time to begin looking?

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