Cabin Filters: A New Way For A Fresher Car

vehicle cabin air filter replacement fresh car

Everybody loves to travel; to seek new places, discover a new culture, and try new things. With the warm temperatures, it is good to feel the fresh air flowing outside, admire and spend time with nature, and hear the birds sing. But this experience could be different for some individuals who suffer allergy from the pollen. 

With the increasing amount of dust and pollution present in the air, no wonder why most people choose to travel with their vehicles tightly closed. Fortunately, car brands and manufacturers now installed a new way to filter out the pollen, dust, odor, and other unpleasant materials present in the air. 

The Cabin Air Filter 

Air filters are commonly installed in every car’s engine. This is used to ensure that the machine does not exceed high temperatures. On the other hand, the car’s heating ventilation and air conditioning system, or also known as the HVAC system, now have the same filter. Formally known as the cabin air filters, these perform the same system with the car engine’s filter. 

Cabin air filters are small-sized pleated filters that are made of multi-fiber paper cotton. As the air flows inside the passenger compartment, it will be primarily directed through the filter to remove the potential contaminants such as dust, odor, and pollen. 

The Time Of Change 

Depending on the car, most cabin air filters do not have any lights or sound that signals when it has reached its limit. However, there are some signs people may notice when the gear needs changing. As such, the air circulation in the passenger compartment will be reduced, people will experience diminished air conditioning and heating performance, the cabin has a musty odor, and the air intake creates a whistling sound. 

If any of these signs are observed within the vehicle, people should immediately have the filters changed. They can either replace it on their own or have an expert switch it up. It is important to keep the cabin air filter clean because it ensures the safety of the air inside the air. 

Besides, individuals are recommended to have their filters changed once every 12,000 miles or annually. For those traveling in heavily polluted areas, car owners must have it cleaned after 5,000 miles. People who suffer from allergies may consider changing it more often to reduce the symptoms and ensure air quality. 

The Effects Of Not Changing The Cabin Air Filter 

As being said, a lot of uncomfortable things might happen when a person forgot to clean the cabin air filters. Once it got clogged with the filtered debris and dirt, the efficiency of the filter and, at the same time, the HVAC system could be compromised. Furthermore, the air volume inside the passenger compartment will gradually reduce creating foul odors and causing the car to smell unpleasant. With this, it is important to have the filter regularly checked and changed to continue the safe quality of the air and avoid the risk of any allergies.

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