What To Know About Press Releases And Distribution

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Public relations can make a big difference to your company’s trajectory—particularly for newly launched businesses or companies that are offering new products and services. But what is public relations, exactly? Public relations is the process a company undergoes between building a strong connection and relationship between the brand and the consumer. Public relations agencies help spread a company’s message and shape the image of an organization. 

One of the key elements of any PR campaign is the coveted press release. A press release is typically a one-page news announcement sent to media organizations in hopes of scoring coverage. It’s structured in a specific way that makes every press release easily recognizable and digestible by media organizations around the world. However, the press release—in all its simplicity—is an art form in the PR world, and in order to make the most of your efforts, you will have to take the right steps. 

It Needs To Be Newsworthy 

It’s not just enough to have a standard press release. If you want to create something with any hopes of getting picked up by a publication, it has to be newsworthy. Not only do you need to determine a newsworthy angle, but you’ll also have to understand which newsworthy items are worth the time and dedication necessary for a press release. Fortunately, there are ways you can incorporate a newsworthy slant, but you’ll have to consider the primary news values

● Timeliness 
● Impact 
● Conflict 
● Currency 
● Unexpected
● Proximity 
● Human interest 
● Prominence 

If you find yourself struggling to find a news angle, this might not be the best time to invest in a press release. Without a news angle, your release could end up going nowhere, especially without the help of the best free press release sites to make a major positive impact. 

Understanding Digital Public Relations 

The public relations industry has certainly changed over the past decade. With the proliferation of the Internet, there’s been a major shift in Traditional PR vs Digital PR

One of the biggest changes is that the modern public relations agency is closely intertwined with marketing. While the traditional approach to PR is very siloed and segmented, the new PR is integrative and adaptable. Today, PR needs to offer much more value and be highly-consumer focused versus media focused. 

Distributing Your Press Release 

After you’ve created the ideal press release, or hired someone to write a press release for you, now you have to deal with the logistical end: distribution. Press release distribution is the process of circulating your press release to the media. Without distribution, no one can see it. 

For starters, many people choose to use press release distribution services. This is typically the avenue that small businesses take. PR website and Presswire are two of the most popular services, and they offer different options. For worldwide distribution, Presswire costs start at $400, while PRWeb offers a basic option for $99 that lists your press release on its platform. Both options, as well as many other distribution services, offer more comprehensive packages to put your press release in front of more people. 

Another option is the personalized pitch. Personalized pitches are typically sent from PR teams to media contacts, and these pitches increase chances of coverage. Each pitch is crafted specifically for a targeted outlet and caters to that organization and/or contact. Creating an amazing pitch can go a long way. It also reaches contacts where they are most likely to be receptive to communication: in their email inboxes. 

You May Need To Hire An Agency 

Bootstrapped startups or new small businesses might decide to take on their press release and distribution efforts independently. However, if you have the budget for it, you may need to really consider investing in a marketing or public relations firm. Working with skilled PR and marketing professionals will help you avoid many of the mistakes we’ve mentioned here. Furthermore, it may even end up being more budget-friendly than the independent alternative.

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