Press Release Distribution: The Ultimate Guide

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Small businesses need press coverage to bring in more traffic and more leads. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know how to get their information to the press. That is where press releases come in. They are vital for increasing brand awareness! However, it is also important for the releases to be picked up by blogs, magazines, and newspapers to get more attention

Press Release Distribution 

Press release distribution circulates a press release to journalists and members of the press. Many businesses use an agency to provide press release distribution service to reporters. The purpose of putting a press release into the media is so that the business gets recognized by local news, blogs, podcasts, and radio shows. This allows the business to give their brand a wider audience. 

How Do Businesses Distribute A Press Release? 

The most vital aspect of creating great PR is to have a story with a punch. Once it’s written, it can be easy to get it to the press. Many simply seek out journalists who might be interested in the press release while others connect with agencies that already have contacts in the media. Those who are looking to find journalists need to create ab irresistible pitch that captures their attention. The pitch should include the story, but it should also be personalized with a statement about why they should cover it in their newspaper or magazine. 

What Are Common Press Release Mistakes? 

There are many mistakes businesses can make when distributing their press release, and that can prevent the press from picking up the story. Avoid making the press release too long. It should only take a minute to read through, especially for the busy journalists that are being pitched. Targeting the wrong publication or person is also another common press release distribution mistake. Businesses need to look for local publications rather than international news outlets. The journalists need to be a good fit since they tend to specialize in one or two niches. It’s also vital to include the contact information! 

Why Press Releases Help Businesses 

Gaining press coverage can help businesses in a variety of ways. Firstly, it builds SEO. By getting a backlink from an established news or media outlet, the business’ website will rank higher on search platforms, allowing more people to find them. It can also drive more traffic to the brick-and-mortar store. If there is a sale or event, it can be a great way to get more people into the store! It can also generate more sales because it engages customers with the brand. 

Press Distribution Services 

If all of this sounds too overwhelming, there is a way to get your story into the news by using a press release distribution service. By taking the distribution of your plate, the business will get all of the benefits of the press release without having to research individual journalists and trying to make contacts within the industry. Your bottom line can still grow while you focus on what you do best!

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