10 Digital Advertisement Strategies That Work

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So, you want to take your online marketing efforts to the next level in the immediate future. The only problem? You are not sure which digital advertisement strategies are worth investing in and which ones you should avoid altogether.

After all, you can't afford to waste valuable resources on an advertising strategy that won't yield results. But with so many online marketing tips and tricks out there, you aren't sure which one is right for your brand.

The good news for marketers and advertisers? We can help with your ads!

In this article, we will break down 10 effective and proven digital advertisement strategies. On top of that, we will also help you figure out which path is right for you and your niche audience.

Now then, let's get started on 10 top digital advertisement strategies that work wonders!

1. Get Creative with Media Content

One of the best and most effective digital media strategies out there today is the use of media content. After all, people spend hours every day scrolling through pictures and looking at videos on their smartphones.

So, why wouldn't you take advantage of that fact?

Studies show that media content, and specifically video content, is the most popular type of content with users online. But to get the most out of media content, you need to be creative and original so that you can stand out in the crowd.

Whiteboard videos, for example, are affordable and can allow you to tell a story in a fun and entertaining way. They can also be shared on multiple platforms, making them a great investment for your brand.

2. Master Social Media Marketing

Once you have a creative and well-made video, you need a place to share it online, so it can reach the masses. And perhaps the best way to do just that, and for an affordable price, is by mastering social media marketing.

To do this, you first need to ensure that you're utilizing the right platforms for your brand. Depending on your niche, you may find more success posting on one social media site over another, which means you need to make sure you pick the right one.

A pro tip? Take a look at what other people in your niche are doing. Note which platforms they have the most followers and engagement on, and invest your time and resources into those same areas.

Once you pick a couple of platforms to start using, be sure to post quality content frequently. Engage with your audience, be informative and entertaining, and don't miss a day without posting something online.

3. Utilize Geo-Advertising

If your business thrives off of your local market, and you want to get your name out there, consider investing in geo-advertising. Geo-advertising is a great way to attract local online users to your brand or business, and they're affordable.

When creating geo-advertisements, try to make something that looks good but is also informative. Finding that right balance of eye-catching design and useful information is key if you want to have success with geo-advertising.

Both Google and Facebook offer geo-advertising services. And again, they're affordable for any small business, as ad programs are very scalable and customizable.

4. Grow Your Brand With Content Marketing

If your brand has a website but doesn't have a blog, consider changing that in the immediate future. Simply put, a blog is one of the best ways to drive online traffic to your website.

It also helps you be informative and entertaining, all while giving your brand a unique voice that people can connect with.

We'll be honest; blogging is tough work. It's time-consuming, and to find success, you need to have someone on your team who can write content consistently.

But if you can launch a successful blog, you can start driving a ton of traffic to your website in only a few months. And if you do a good job of converting that traffic to customers or clients, you can grow your brand or business fast.

5. Implement a Strong SEO Strategy

To piggyback off of that last point, to find success with a blog, you need to have a strong SEO strategy in place. This is especially true if your niche is very competitive online, and thus, ranking for important keywords is difficult.

SEO isn't as complicated as it may seem on the surface, especially if you're somewhat new to the concept. With that being said, constant research and adjustments will be necessary in order to create the best SEO strategy for your brand.

Even once you find success with SEO, and thus your blog and website, you need to continue to make improvements. Search engines are constantly tweaking what it is they're looking for, which means you need to stay up to date to avoid being left behind.

6. Start Link Building Online

Again, a lot goes into creating a good SEO strategy. But one of the biggest pieces of the SEO puzzle is link building, which is why we think it deserved mention on this list.

One of the biggest benefits to link building is it does more than just help you out with SEO. It also gets your name out there online, establishes credibility, and helps you grow your brand the right way.

As far as how to start with link building, sharing content on social media websites and message boards is more than a good idea. With that being said, this strategy won't get you the best results possible, which is why you need to get your site linked to other credible websites.

This can be done in a variety of ways, including simply writing content that people want to share and reference. Guest posting on other sites that allow you to share links to your own site is another effective strategy, although it does require some extra work on your part to find and contact sites that will allow you to do so.

7. Make the Most Out of Email Marketing

With the rise of social media websites over the past few decades, many brands have swapped out email marketing for social media marketing. And while this isn't the worst idea if you can only afford to invest in one or the other, it's worth mentioning that email marketing is still quite effective.

In fact, when done correctly, email marketing can yield you amazing results, and at a low cost, making it more than worth considering.

With that in mind, to gain success with this strategy, you do need to make sure you're going about it the right way. As we touched on earlier, video content is extremely popular and has higher engagement rates than other types of content.

Using video content in your email marketing campaigns can ensure that users will actually click on and engage with your email, instead of simply deleting it after a quick glance. 

8. Create and Offer Downloadable Content

While being online is always a good thing, sometimes it's smart to offer your users content that can be downloaded and enjoyed offline as well. Things like podcasts and newsletters take both time and money to create at a quality level but can be very effective when used the right way.

The best way to decide whether or not you think something like a newsletter or a podcast would work for your brand would be to scout your competition. If you see another brand in your niche already doing so successfully, and you can offer something different or better, consider investing in the strategy going forward. 

9. Host an Online Webinar

If blogging isn't something you're comfortable doing, but you still want to inform your users, perhaps a webinar is a good idea. Webinars are great because they give you the chance to offer a voice, and sometimes a face, to your brand for others to associate it with.

If you or someone on your team is well-spoken, engaging, and would thrive in this setting, try making a webinar and see how it does online. Promote it using other strategies that we've mentioned on this list and listen to audience feedback to determine if it's worth doing again in the future.

10. Invest in Video Content for Your Brand

We touched on this earlier, but it's worth mentioning again just how big video content is online in the modern digital age. To grow your engagement on posts online, you need to be using videos that users want to click on and watch.

Of course, this is easier said than done. But with the help of a video production company, and a media shark, you target a specific audience in a proven and effective way.

10 Proven and Effective Digital Advertisement Strategies

Well, there you have it fellow marketers and advertisers! Those are 10 proven and effective digital advertising strategies that can help your brand grow and expand!

Remember, to invest in the right digital advertisement strategy; you need to take a look at your competition and see what has worked well for others in the past. Following the successes of other brands, and avoiding their failures, is a great way to reduce risks.

Listen to your audience, make marketing or ad changes as needed, and don't give up on an idea too soon. And as long as you make and share quality content, your business should find success rather quickly.

Looking for more creative ways to grow your brand with digital advertisement? Visit the Digital Marketing section of the Bootstrap Business Blog right now for additional advertising advice and insight.

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