7 Top 5G Revolution Stocks To Buy

top 5g revolution stocks to by best investments

The 4G connection was great, but 5G is changing everything. It will invoke the dawn of innovation and technological advancements, along with a newly developing 10G connection. 

There was a phenomenal change in culture when the world went from 3G to 4G. Uber and Snapchat are among the many fruits of 4G. However, the best thing we got out of it was online banking. 

Now 5G goes beyond 4G with a speed that is possibly 100 times faster. Which means the technological advancements that are coming could never have been imagined before. It will lead to self-driving cars, virtual reality, and so much more. 

IDC is a market intelligence firm. They say that the 10 million connections to 5G in its launch will increase to 1 billion by the time we reach 2023. For this reason, you need to know about the best 5G stocks to invest in. 

Read on to know the 7 best stocks that you should buy right now. And if you need further research, StocksReviewed article on 5G will guide you in the right direction. 

The 7 Top 5G Stocks To Invest In 

Although there are many places to invest your money, it is uncertain if the return will be satisfactory. However, 5G is already making news and is going to change the world we live in. 

5G will not be possible without the companies that we recommend you invest in. They are companies that produce chips, towers, and semiconductor products. Also, we are going to include companies that are going to use technology to bring about a major change. 

They are going to make a heap of money once 5G is mainstream. You would be foolish not to take a slice of the pie that 5G is cooking. 

The companies are Xilinx, Qualcomm, Ericsson, Crown Castle, Verizon Communications, Marvell Technology, and Apple. They are going to rise to the top as a result of all the success 5G is going to bring. 

1. Xilinx 

Xilinx is worth 22 billion dollars. They specialize in making chips and various Xilinx products. They are one of the first companies to look at the future of wireless networking. This makes them one of the best companies for investment. Moreover, they are one of the best 5G stocks to invest in. 

The chips that Xilinx makes are among the components of 5G technology. So, as infrastructure spending rises, they will make a lot of money. 

Xilinx has a portfolio that speaks for itself. Their system-on-a-chip and radiofrequency technology will enable spectrum bands under 6 GHz. This will be crucial for the ability of 5G to reach distant locations. 

Recently the CEO of Xilinx, Victor Peng, gave the green light to a collaboration with Samsung. Together, they are going to work on second- generation 5G radio. 

2. Qualcomm 

This list has to include Qualcomm. It is also a chip producing company. Qualcomm works on 5G technology. It's going to supply chips to Apple for their iPhone for the next 6 years. 

For this reason, Apple is now able to release iPhones featuring 5G. The intellectual property patent is going to allow Qualcomm to earn a huge amount of money. 

The money will keep flowing for many years to come. Investors should certainly invest in this company right now. 

3. Ericsson 

Ericsson is a Swedish company that produces communications equipment. They are a major reason for 5G technology to spread across the globe. They are doing so by aiding telecom companies to transition to high-speed networks. 

Other than communication equipment, Ericsson also produces software and hardware for radio networks. Furthermore, they have an agreement with Oppo, a Chinese smartphone company. 

By 2025, Ericsson will have over 2.6 billion mobile subscriptions. It is the first company to spread 5G across 4 continents. If you are an investor, buy Ericsson stocks to share their success. 

4. Crown Castle 

To spread 5G across the world, we will need a lot of cell towers. That is where Crown Castle comes in. 

Towers are essential for high speed and strength of the signal. Crown Castle will build tens of thousands of cell towers. They are going to be small towers with a shorter distance between each other. 

As a result, 5G is somewhat dependent on Crown Castle. So, when 5G takes over, Crown Castle will make a lot of money. This is a high potential 5G stock that you have to look into. 

5. Verizon Communications 

Verizon Communication is a telecom company. It has a large coverage area. Furthermore, it's in the top 50 markets. 

Verizon Communication owns crucial 5G spectrum bands. AT&T comes second to Verizon communications but only has half as much millimeter- wave spectrum. 

It is a master at the high-frequency transmission. This is essential for 5G to give us high rates of data transfer. 

For all these reasons, Verizon Communications is one of the most alluring stocks for investors of 5G. The dividend is 4.2%, which is quite good on this telecom stock. 

6. Marvell Technology 

Marvell Technology Produces consumer semiconductor products. It also dabbles in 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud, enterprise hardware more. 

They pay a dividend of 1% and trades for 20 times forward earnings. As 5G booms, they are going to see a lot of money. This is excellent news for investors. If you are not investing in Marvell yet, now is the right time to buy stocks as it continues growing. 

7. Apple 

Apple is one of the biggest companies on the face of the planet. It does not take a genius to know that their stocks make a lot of money. 

They are manufacturers of 5G mobile devices, so the success of 5G is the success of Apple. Furthermore, they have 200 billion dollars cash at hand. 

This means the corona pandemic won't even make a dent. On the contrary, this crisis is going to get rid of some of the competition. If you are going to invest in a company, Apple is the answer. 

Final Thoughts On Top 5G Stocks For Investment

All the companies on our list are going to make a lot of money. We strongly believe in the revolutionary scope of 5G. So, we insist that if you are to invest, do it in a company riding the 5G wave. 

Here are the names to look out for XLNX, QCOM, ERIC, CCI, VZ, MRVL, AAPL. Also make sure to look out for Nokia, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Charter Communications Spectrum to impact the growing 5G telecommunications industry.

We hope you take our advice and invest smartly in the telecom industry. 5G is big, So big that you will be able to retire very soon and live a luxurious life.

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