You Can Reinvent Email Marketing To Push Up Your ROI

how to increase email marketing roi

With abundance of social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, artificial intelligence and chatbots you may wonder whether email really has a slot in today’s marketing scenario. 

If you think email is dead, then you are way off the mark.
The truth is email is still robust. 

Smart businesses still think email is a brilliant platform to reach out to or retain customers. 

Email marketing is continuing to be a growing force in ecommerce

If utilized in the right manner email is a very effective tool to alter the relationship your brand has with consumers. 

Personalized recommendations can transform the consumers’ behavior to lucrative long term buyers. 

Just think of it. 

If you look at daily online practice of internet users, email is still the most popular activity. 

So why not leverage this aspect. 

But there seems to be a problem. 

Most businesses are not fully aware on how to do it right. 

Email Marketing Done Right

Sadly they are not aware on how to effectively make emails an incredibly powerful sales and advertising resource. 

“Every week I shoot out an email newsletter to a few thousand people who have signed up to my thoughts”, says a businessperson who was hitherto focusing more on social media marketing than any other platform. 

Keep in mind that the newsletter trick is not a new phenomenon. 

Presently there is a growing interest among those who are disillusioned with social media in indisputably the oldest networked platform. 

The inbox perhaps is more attractive than newsfeed. 

Why This Shift Towards Newsletters? 

It is part of a larger transformation we are witnessing now. 

For years people were fixated to open and connected world posting status updates, photos of our visits to exotic places and similar experiences on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. 

The shift is now towards private sharing. Even Facebook after recognizing this need is focusing on private conversations rather than public broadcasting. 

It is not surprising that Facebook has integrated Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger so that users can reach out to each other privately. It is also evident in the re-emergence of smaller private niche Groups being promoted more on Facebook, one of the only areas of growth Facebook has had for years now. 

What Does This Mean For Businesses? 

The answer is straightforward. Newsletters can be made a more reliable means for enhancing readership. 

This has become all the more necessary after Facebook decided to move away from promoting videos from businesses. The social media giant has deemphasized content from publishers and brands. 

So Email Marketing Is In 

A good slice of marketers are reporting being involved with email promotions with the key objectives to sell products and generate leads. 

Marketers are giving high grades for emails in its ability to drive ROI and deliver quality consumers. 

This is despite the fact that there is no shortage of smart marketing trends and tactics including agile marketing and content marketing. 

Email Based Campaigns Work

It enables you to send standalone promotional to a targeted list of recipients. You can also use personalization techniques so that the recipient feels as an individual. Instead of driving people to your website and then asking them to perform a few more clicks to get that conversion, you can very well seal the deal with an email. 

sunil kumar yadav email marketing professional

Sunil Kumar Yadav is a Project Manager at Relevance. A proficient marketing strategist with over 10 years of experience in online marketing management, Sunil specializes in research and content promotion. He has been at the center of many creative campaigns to date. A fitness enthusiast, he spends his spare time cycling around his favorite spots.

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