5 Best Successful Marketing Campaigns In History


Some marketing campaigns directly lead to the creation of multi-billion dollar brands. This is because brands understand that once they are able to attract the attention of audiences, it is very difficult to lose it again. 

Marketing is all about establishing the right communication with the audiences, It is about taking a small, yet important element, and placing it in the subconscious of the audiences for as long as possible. 

Brands like Apple, De Beers, Nike and others have been very successful in designing and executing marketing campaigns, which have led to their successes. 

In this article, we look at 5 such campaigns, which are not only entertaining, but can also be taught as lessons to past, present and future students and practitioners of marketing. 

5 Most Successful Marketing Campaigns That The World Has Ever Seen: The List 

1. Apple - Think Different

When Apple was first launched, it was not the best software you could buy off the shelf. Microsoft, IBM and some other companies were making systems, which were far more affordable, configurable and serviceable. The question, which then arises is - What You Can Learn From Apple’s Successful Marketing

Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign set a tone, which inspired every individual to be different from the other. It touched on a psychological aspect, that everyone of us harbors- how to be different than the rest. 

The product identification, Steve Jobs’ inspirational launch speeches and an aspirational tone set the brand up for success. Jobs continued to give impressive launch and event presentations until his demise and Tim Cook took over.

2. Nike - ‘Just Do It’

A marketing campaign needs to be a brand story. It needs to represent what the brand stands for and what industry or niche it aims to dominate. Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign was able to touch not only on all four points, but take it to heights never thought of before. 

By promoting an action, Nike was able to set a communication, which its target audience still sears by even today. Asking people to get on it, take an action, aligning with great superstars and stop thinking made the brand dominate the sportswear industry for the last four decades. 

3. De Beers - ‘A Diamond Is Forever’ 

Whatever meaning and identification we attach to diamonds today, is because of what De Beers was able to establish in their award winning marketing campaign. A diamond symbolizes forever. Reflect the same in the light of relationships and you have a winner. 

To symbolize a promise, an event and a special person, De Beers came up with the slogan- a diamond is forever. It was not only an instant hit, but was able to change the face of the jewelry marketing industry. What brands are now doing is something, which all of them ow to De Beers. 

4. Volkswagen Beetle - ‘Think Small’

If there was a brand and a marketing campaign, which was about changing perceptions and giving rise to an entirely new industry, it was Volkswagen’s Beetle ‘Think Small; campaign. The brand aimed predominantly at the American masses, created a wave of interest never seen before. 

Rather than go for big American cars (which came with their fair share of problems), Volkswagen was able to first generate curiosity and then sell the car on the merits of its features and usefulness. In true marketing fashion, this was a one-two knockout punch. 

5. Marlboro - ‘Marlboro Man’

While we are not looking to promote smoking, we are trying to showcase how a brand was able to build up a persona of its target audience, rather than the other way around. Marlboro was successful in establishing the image of the wild American Cowboy as a role model for everyone. 

The cowboy boots, the lifestyle, the horses and the Wild West symbolized who the ideal Marlboro smoker was. Even though the campaign can now be taken apart for its gender bias, the campaign is still one of the most successful marketing exercises ever. 

Learn From The Most Successful Marketing Campaigns Of All Time 

Every great marketing strategy and campaign in this list can act as a source of inspiration. It can also give us a sneak peek into how the most brilliant and creative minds of the day envisioned campaigns. Can you add to the list by listing some other successful marketing campaigns? Share your favorite marketing campaigns on social media.

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