Is Unlocking Your Apple iPhone Safe?

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In these current times, you have most likely discovered that most iPhones are locked. You can only use your phone through a specific carrier. But what if you want to change carriers? First, find out if you can get it unlocked through the current phone carrier itself. If not, there are ways to do it through a third-party service. Your question may be, "Is it safe." "Should you Get Your Apple iPhone 8 unlocked at Yes you should get your newest iPhone unlocked, and here is why. 

Reasons To Unlock iPhone 

There are several reasons why you would want to get your iPhone 9 or 10 unlocked. By changing cell phone providers, you can access any network you want. There are advantages to having this freedom. 

By using a different carrier, you can choose a service that you already have a phone number and contract with. You are free to shop around for a phone plan that suits you. Also, using a SIM card local to places you travel will save you costs on roaming charges abroad. 

When you choose to unlock iPhone 10, it gives your phone greater resale value. A phone already unlocked is in high demand. A phone with no restrictions and no contracts imposed is easier for someone to purchase. When it comes time to purchase an upgraded phone, you can use the money from selling your unlocked phone. 

Is It Safe To Unlock iPhone 6? 

People have been legally unlocking phones for a long time. A carrier or factory unlock is not the same thing as jailbreaking your phone., for instance, unlocks your phone by whitelisting your IMEI number from Apple's database. Jailbreaking or using "software unlocks" leaves your IMEI blacklisted. As soon as you use your iTunes, your phone could relock. Unlocking your phone with guarantees your phone will stay unlocked. 

A carrier unlock will not affect your phone's warranty nor breach any carrier contracts. You will have no problems utilizing your phone after it is unlocked. 

Is it safe to give any information to a third-party company to have them unlock the phone? Yes. You are only giving them your phone's IMEI number. The phone will never leave your hands. Even if someone tried to clone your IMEI number to activate a phone, they would not have access to your SIM card. You would be able to use your SIM card in any phone and retain your contract with your carrier. 

Follow These Steps To Unlock iPhone 

If you would like to be able to unlock your Apple iPhone, here is what you can do. First, find out if you can get it unlocked through the current phone carrier itself. If not, there are ways to do it through a third-party service. It can be helpful to Google or search online for tips. Next, follow these steps. 

1) Check SIM Card 

First, check to see if your phone is actually locked. Insert a foreign SIM card (one from another carrier) into your phone and activate it. Make sure to turn on your Wi-Fi. A locked phone displays an error message that says the SIM card is not supported. However, an unlocked phone will accept the SIM card. If your phone accepts the SIM card, it is already unlocked. You can use it with the carrier of your choice. 

2) Get IMEI Number 

You need the IMEI number for your phone to unlock iPhone 6. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. You need this number to register your phone or to unlock it. But first, you need to locate where it is. There are several ways to find the IMEI. One way to access the identification number is through the "About" feature in your settings. Additionally, the IMEI number is listed on the original box that packaged your phone. 

Another way to find this identification number is to dial *#06# on your phone. There is, also, a feature in iTunes that leads you to your phone's IMEI. 

3) Use A Third-Party Service 

Once you have determined that your phone is locked, see if you can get the phone's current carrier to unlock it for you. But, if using your current carrier is not an option, choose to go with a third-party service. For a fee, companies like will take care of unlocking your phone. 

The third-party service will need your phone's IMEI number in order to unlock it. After you enter this identification number on the website, takes you to a payment page. Once you have paid the fee, you will receive a confirmation email that your phone is unlocked and ready for use. At this time, you can test your phone by reinserting the foreign SIM card to see if you can activate it. Your phone is now unlocked and ready for use. 

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