Why A Falcon PC Is The Best For Day Trading

falcon pc best computer for day trading stocks

Trading stocks is a hobby for many and a full-time job for many others. For those who choose to make day trading their line of work, it can be a challenging and rewarding skill to learn. However, if you are going to pursue day trading as a career, you will need to make sure you have a computer that can handle all of the information processing you will need. We believe a Falcon PC is the absolute best machine you can get for day trading. 

In this article, we are going to explain why a Falcon PC is the best computer you can purchase for day trading. We will discuss its feature set, what makes it unique from other machines, and why you should purchase one over any other machine on the market. 

A Falcon PC Has The Features You Need 

First off, Falcon PCs have every feature you could want in a trading computer. Let’s discuss each of these in more detail. 


One of the most important parts of a trading computer is the amount of RAM in the machine. RAM stands for random access memory. Put simply, the more ram your trading computer has, the more tasks it can do at the same time. 

A Falcon PC can be configured with up to 64GB of RAM, giving you all the memory you need to run all of your trading applications. Extra RAM will help them run much faster, giving you the speed you need to keep up with the ever-changing market. You can also request more RAM if your use case requires it. 

Hard Drive 

Now, there are two different kinds of hard drives for PCs: hard disk drives (HDD) and solid-state drives (SSD). HDDs operate by spinning a physical disk and reading information with a small needle, similar to the way a record player works. 

Every Falcon PC is equipped with a state-of-the-art SSD, customizable up to 2TB. With a trading computer, the speed is more important than the storage space. So if you need to save some money, going down in storage space can be a great option. 


The last (but certainly not least important) part to talk about is the CPU. There are a few different indicators of CPU performance. The two primary ones are the core count and clock speed. Both a higher clock speed and a higher amount of cores will improve your CPU’s performance, but they will do it in different ways. 

For most day trading purposes, a higher core count should be your priority, as you need to run a lot of different processes at the same time. If you purchase a Falcon PC, you can get up to a maximum of 18 cores. For comparison, a typical consumer laptop only has two. 

A Falcon PC Allows Multiple Monitors 

Possibly more important than your other system specs is how many monitors your PC can support. This is another place where a Falcon PC is the best choice. Some of their models allow as many as 12 monitors, giving you the maximum real estate to see all the information you need to successfully day trade. 

Most day traders have at least 4 or more displays. This allows you to have multiple charts, graphs, and other information in front of you at a glance. While it is technically possible to day trade with only one monitor, additional screens will make a huge difference. 

A Falcon PC Is Affordable 

The last point in favor of a Falcon PC is its affordability. They offer a wide range of models for all price levels. Whether your budget is less than $1,000 or you’re looking to spend closer to $5,000, there’s a Falcon PC you can afford. 

And for the specifications you get, the prices are relatively low. Falcon offers machines for day traders across a range of budgets. 

A Falcon PC Is Customizable 

In that same vein, you can personally customize your Falcon PC to the specifications you need. If you are just getting started in day trading, you may choose to purchase a more entry-level machine. In this case, you can get a smaller hard drive, a little less RAM, and a CPU with less cores. 

If, on the other hand, you know that day trading stocks and other investments is where you make your full-time living, you can do the opposite. You have the option to spec out your machine to your precise specifications This includes changing your storage solutions, monitor outputs, CPU speed, and other parts of the machine for optimal day trader performance. 

You can order a Falcon PC at Trading Computers and get exactly the machine you need for the work you do. There are other options on the market, sure. But know that a Falcon PC is the absolute best computer you can buy if you want to make a living day trading.

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