Opening A Spa In Denver? Here's How To Get Your Business Up-And-Running

how to open a spa business

If you've long dreamed of opening up your own spa in the Denver area, now's as good a time as many. While COVID-19 still threatens to put a damper on clients, for the time being, this just gives you extra time to lay the groundwork for a successful business. Especially with interest rates at historical lows, finding the right location to situate yourself in Denver, whether you're looking at the Cherry Creek neighborhood or the River North Art District, should be much easier than in past months. That being said, there are still a few things you should keep in mind if you're truly serious about forging a new business in the spa industry. Here's how to get your business up-and-running, even in the midst of the coronavirus. 

Fix Up Your Business

The first thing you should do after buying any new real estate is to get your business inspected. While you may have had this done while you were closing on the property, it never hurts to have another inspection after you've made the purchase, too. If you find something that needs to be remedied, you should take this time to repair issues before you open for business. 

One of the most important features of your business to pay attention to during inspections is the roof. If your roof has been damaged by hail—which is quite possible if you're buying commercial property in Colorado—you'll want to get that fixed as soon as possible. There are plenty of Denver roofers who can help you inspect and repair your roof if it's sustained damage. This will protect everything inside your business moving forward, offering you the ability to open with confidence when it's safe to. 

Source Great Products

When it comes to offering an excellent experience to your clients, having the right products in stock at your spa can be the difference between a repeat customer or a one-time visit. One of the most popular items to feature at any spa is rose oil. Rose oil has a host of aromatherapeutic benefits, but only if it's 100 percent pure. 

Assuming that you're using 100 percent pure rose oil in your salon or spa, your guests will experience a wide range of benefits. From helping purify skin and fight acne to helping people who suffer from feelings of depression or anxiety, there are plenty of reasons you'll want to stock rose oil in your spa. A website like Visagenics can help you get great wholesale pricing on your rose oil so that it's cost-effective to use it as much as your guests want. 

Get The Word Out

No matter what industry you're in, marketing has a vital role to play in your business' success, especially when it comes to the launch of a new venture. Being able to offer localized ads to people in your area can be a great way to attract customers who actually are capable of visiting your spa. Thankfully, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram make this kind of marketing easier than ever, allowing you to show different ad campaigns to people in a certain geographic area, age range, and even based on their interests. 

Build Your Business Bigger And Better

Once you've started to get people visiting your business, you'll want to encourage them to leave reviews on your Facebook page, as well as on platforms like Google My Business and Yelp. Having positive reviews will help you build a reputation for providing quality spa services, while also letting you spread the word about your business. Especially if you're new to town, building a word of mouth campaign can help you establish yourself as an excellent option for anyone in Colorado interested in spa services.

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