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Having a smartbot for your Facebook Messenger marketing strategy is one of the best options that you can possibly have. This saves you time and money on things like answering services and more, because you can literally program your bot to work just like one, and more importantly, it can handle multiple users. 

One of the best smartbots out there is ManyChat, and we’ll explain a little bit about that in a while. In order to get this though, you want a devoted team of marketing experts to teach you how to program your smartbot, because you want your bot to represent you as a person, business owner, and a company. 

Why ManyChat Is The Best Facebook Chatbot

There are actually a handful of smartbots out there, but most of them don’t actually offer the full flexibility of ManyChat. With ManyChat you get a full-fledged user experience yourself, while you build that custom-tailored experience for your customers. Not only that, but you can integrate your ManyChat bot with your Facebook Messenger, as well as your e-mail lists, your website, and so much more. You can build a personality for your bot, which is a great way to get a good return on investments (ROI). 

How Facebook Messenger Marketers Work 

It can cost a lot of money just to advertise on Facebook. With a Facebook Messenger bot, you can incorporate your Facebook ads if you’re going the PPC route to further direct more traffic to your website or your business. Otherwise, you can actually just make your own advertisements and send links, referrals, and so much more. 

You can also help use a Facebook Messenger smartbot as a customer support backup to answer customer questions and forward escalations just like an answering service would. This is a lot easier, and can offer a completely free solution for you when it comes to advertising on Facebook as compared to paying for their pay per click advertising. 

Why Customer Experience Is Important 

Building your chatbot to be fully automated is a very important part of Facebook Messenger marketing. You want your chatbot to do the gruntwork for you so you don’t have to constantly be on Facebook answering your customer’s questions. 

People don’t like talking to machines however, so it’s extremely crucial that you build your chatbot with some sort of personality so your customer can have a great experience that they feel is made just for them. You also want to make them feel like they’re talking to a person, even if they know they’re not. That’s something you can do with your Facebook smartbot. 

Master Messenger Marketing On Facebook

When it comes to marketing strategies using ManyChat, the industry leader in Facebook Messenger Marketing chatbots, you can guarantee that you get the right training with a company called Smart Bot Marketers. The owner has worked for years in the automation and marketing industries, and has combined both of these skills together to deliver the ultimate experience that can help you create your Facebook chatbot specifically for your company’s needs. Your Facebook marketing strategy is clearly incomplete without a smart chatbot!

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