Business Tips For Growing Coffee Trees

how to start coffee tree growing business selling trees

Everyone loves freshly brewed coffee with an eco-friendly coffee maker. But not everyone knows where the coffee beans needed to make this popular drink grow. The birthplace of coffee trees is in Africa. In countries aside from Central/South America, Africa, the Middle East, or Asia, it is not possible to cultivate them due to harsh climatic conditions. That's where commercial coffee tree growers come in.

The Business Idea Of Growing Coffee Trees 

However, there is an option to grow such trees in a mini-format and this is a rather unusual business idea, even if you sell your coffees to MLM companies in Egypt or Europe. For this, you do not need to rent a land plot. 

Business In The Cultivation Of Coffee Trees 

Indoor coffee trees can be grown in your own apartment. 

Such an initiative can bring a good profit when selling coffee products or beans. 

Of course, in order for such a micro-business to pay off and begin to bring a steady income, an entrepreneur must comply with certain conditions. 

It is important to know that indoor coffee trees are photophilous plants. 

They should be grown on the south side of the apartment. Coffee trees will need regular watering. 

Since these plants do not tolerate lime, water must first be sedimented. 

Coffee Tree Growing Technology 

Indoor coffee plants propagated by seeds or cuttings. 

An entrepreneur can choose any method. 

If he will buy seeds, you must first make sure of their freshness. 

Purchased planting material must be washed in a solution of potassium permanganate. 

After that, it can be planted in a prepared soil substrate, consisting of greenhouse and turf land, as well as a river stove. 

Seeds need to be pressed down to the ground with a flat side, covered with warm water, and covered with glass (or plastic wrap). 

Several times a week, the soil needs to be ventilated for several hours. 

During the period of growing coffee trees, the temperature in the room must be maintained at 23-27 degrees. 

If a businessman is going to plant cuttings, he will need to adhere to similar recommendations. 

In the room where the coffee trees will grow, it is necessary to maintain high temperature and humidity. 

How Much Money Is Needed To Start A Coffee Tree Growing Business 

What is the starting capital required for such a micro-business: 

If you grow coffee trees on a small scale, you can limit yourself to an amount of 3 thousand rubles. 

With these funds, you can purchase planting material, fertilizers, and pots. 

The business idea of growing coffee trees

It is advisable to purchase cuttings or seeds in nurseries. 

The selling price of one cutting, as a rule, does not exceed 10 US dollars. 

You can sell grown seedlings for 5-15 (depending on size, appearance, and other factors). 

It is advisable to sell coffee trees during the flowering period because it is at this time that they are most attractive to potential buyers. 

For the sale of grown plants, you can conclude agreements on its delivery to flower and garden shops. 

Another way is to directly sell coffee trees direct to consumer over the Internet. 

Where To Start A Coffee Tree Growing Business 

To implement a business project for growing coffee trees, at the initial stage it is necessary to check how much information on the Internet about this exotic plant is true. That is, you must buy seeds, pots, and fertilizers, as well as create the necessary conditions to get your first crop and calculate the economic results for this project. 

If the cultivation of coffee trees really will be profitable (according to the results of your experiment), then you can increase the "sown area" and start looking for distribution channels for the future crop. In addition, to create a full-fledged company, you need to solve the following tasks: 

1. Go through the registration procedure with the tax inspectorate, and extra-budgetary funds. 

2. Draw up a business plan and evaluate your financial/material resources. At this stage, you must decide whether you need to look for premises and hire workers or whether it is better to limit your own apartment and the help of family members.

3. In the first case, it is necessary to sign a lease agreement, obtain permission from the fire inspectorate, and also engage in the selection of personnel. In the second just create a comfortable environment for coffee trees. 

4. Organize an advertising campaign. For the successful operation of the company, not only a specialist in growing indoor plants and a talented sales agent are needed, you also a specialist who understands coffee products at the level of products that are presented on MyFriendsCoffee

How Much Can You Earn From Growing Coffee Trees 

The profitability of a commercial project for growing coffee trees depends not only on the scale of the business but also on the marketing policy of the company, the market situation in this segment, productivity, etc. 

Experienced entrepreneurs claim that the cultivation and sale of exotic plants can bring the organizer of the business 250-300 (if you do this in your own apartment) and from 1000-3000 if you organized the activities of a full-fledged company. 

What Equipment To Choose For This Business Plan 

The minimum list of equipment and materials for growing coffee trees includes: 

1. Pots of different sizes 
2. Thermometers, devices for determining humidity 
3. Lighting 
4. Heaters 
5. Sprayers 
6. Fans 

In addition, you need to buy all the components for soil preparation (humus, peat, sand, and greenhouse land), growth stimulants, and small tools (shovels, scoops, etc.) for selling coffee trees online or offline. 

Coffee Conclusion

Growing and selling coffee trees and coffee beans is no easy task, but it can be rewarding and profitable if done correctly!

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