8 Ways To Make Running Your New Business Easier

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Starting a business can mean there are not enough daily hours to accomplish all you need to do to make sure your business plan is on track. From hiring employees to finding time for meetings with potential investors, it is always one thing after another until you feel as if you were spread too thin to keep it all together. Here are eight ways to help take the pressure off yourself and make running your new business easier. 

1. Website 

Invest in an informative website that gives your customers information, allows them to contact you, and lets them order from the company. If there are specific questions that are frequently asked, make a FAQ list to help consumers and prevent frustrations. Also, provide a contact telephone number so buyers can reach you if there are problems. 

2. Insurance 

Business insurances come in many different packages, so make sure you know what you need to cover before you talk to an agent. If you bundle the entire insurance group into one policy, it will save you time when it comes to reviewing the renewals. 

3. Employees You know what you want in an employee, but sometimes after interviewing for several hours, you can feel like there is no one out there with the qualifications you need. Instead of wasting your time, use an online form with an elimination program to find more suitable candidates. By being selective, you can more easily find the right employee that fits your criteria. 

4. Payroll 

Research shows that new business owners can spend 33% of their time working on benefits and payroll. While it is natural for you to want to stay on top of expenditures, that doesn’t mean you have to work on the bookkeeping, sorting documents, or working on taxes. Outsource the task by hiring New York payroll services and free up some of your time. 

5. Meetings 

Not long ago, companies held meetings to keep everyone informed and ‘on the same page.’ Times have changed, and so have most company’s opinions about meetings. Face it, gathering 30 people to sit for an hour can cost your company hundreds of dollars. If you keep your meetings to essential people for a 15-minute chat, there will be more action and lots less talk – and that means more revenue. 

6. Customers 

Your business is growing because of your customers, so when you want to know where your company's weaknesses and strengths are, ask the buyers. You don’t have to hire a marketing research team to seek valuable information. Instead, just add a small comment card or questionnaire on your website for consumers to fill out. 

7. Plugs 

You may feel overwhelmed when you see 200 emails in your inbox, so why not hire someone to help you. Everyone needs an assistant, even entrepreneurs like you that are starting a business. By having someone screen your calls and make appointments, you may find time for some physical activity – such as a round of golf or a workout at the gym. 

8. Boundaries 

If you don’t set aside time for yourself in your hectic schedule, you may find yourself torn and lost in a sea of nothing but business. Try to schedule a time for personal phone calls, family life, and moments outside the office. This will save you from burn out and let you spend time with friends. 

Build A Better Business

As you begin your business, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Use these eight tips to make running your business a little easier. By delegating tasks, understanding your personal limits, and remembering to have free time, you can make sure your business is healthy as it grows.

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