7 Organic Business Ideas For The Health-Conscious Entrepreneur

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Leading an organic lifestyle is all about trying to live in the healthiest way possible, both for your benefit and for that of our planet. And as the public grows more conscious of how their choices impact both, the market for organic and ecologically responsible products is booming. 

In 2018, the organic food and beverage market was valued at over $165 billion worldwide. By 2027, that sum is projected to grow to nearly $680 billion. 

This growing market offers an opportunity to not only launch a successful business but to serve your passion for healthy, sustainable living. The only question is where to start. 

A market that large means that there are almost too many possibilities. And while organic groceries and restaurants are popular, they're not the most revolutionary concepts. 

So to help narrow your focus, we've come up with these organic business ideas that you might not have considered. 

1. Organic Beauty Supplies 

While everyone has at least heard of organic eating, the market for organic cosmetics and beauty care remains somewhat underserved. 

Many consumers have adapted to this by coming up with their own recipes for homemade products. Blogging about the best DIY facemasks, shampoos, and other products is practically a cottage industry because of it. 

But not everyone has the time or inclination to make their own organic beauty supplies at home, which is why the market for them is growing substantially. By some estimates, the market for organic beauty products is projected to expand to almost $20 billion by 2022. 

This growth presents entrepreneurs the opportunity to get in on an emerging market This is particularly true in the area of organic cosmetics, which have been a relative novelty for many years but are poised to become much more popular in the coming years. 

2. Organic Candies 

Organic foods are popular. And candy is definitely popular. So you would think that the marriage of the two would be an obvious hit. And yet, the market for organic candy is not as well-tapped as you might think. The average organic grocer will usually stock some organic chocolates, maybe a few gummy snacks as a novelty, and that's about it. 

There are too many candy concepts to list that don't yet have an organic version widely available. Your future candy company is flush with options. 

3. Organic Food And Juice Truck 

Towards the tail end of the last decade, food trucks were well on their way to taking over the world. 

From a business perspective, it's easy to see the appeal. Why open a restaurant when a food truck requires a fraction of the investment, far lower overhead, and is portable? And with their surge in public popularity, there are few real downsides. 

And coinciding with the ascendancy of organic food's popularity, it's small wonder that many specialist food trucks have popped up in cities across the country. 

Now you could use the food truck for nearly any concept, but one that has been seriously overlooked is the organic juice and smoothie bar. It would be simpler to operate than even the most basic foodservice concept, and it's easy to see it being a hit in a variety of areas. 

4. Organic Vending Services 

On the topic of quick and convenient organic food options, it doesn't get much quicker or more convenient than an old-fashioned vending machine. 

If you already own a business, adding vending machines can often be a simple way of drumming up a little extra revenue. But since most vending services only stock the usually processed snacks and sugary sodas, this can understandably cause a crisis of conscience. 

Fortunately, organic vending companies like Healthy You vending have stepped up to resolve that conflict. Now you can boost your bottom line without feeling responsible for selling products that you would never consume yourself. 

5. Organic Meal Delivery And Subscription Services 

Spend any amount of time online or in front of the TV, and you've probably seen ads for one of the myriad meal delivery or subscription services on the market. 

Whether it's ordering fully prepared meals or the complete ingredients and instructions to fix your own dinner, these types of services have become extremely popular with a public trying to balance an appetite for quality foods with demanding work and personal lives. 

And you need not limit yourself to foodstuffs, either. There are subscription box services that focus on all kinds of beauty and personal care products. A service dedicated to organic cosmetics or grooming could be an instant hit. 

6. Organic Pet Food And Supplies 

It's not just humans who are benefiting from the organic wave. As many of us strive to take better care of ourselves, we're also extending the same care to our faithful animal friends. 

Americans have always loved their pets. But as many young adults put off starting families in favor of focusing on work or personal goals, there is a marked tendency for them to treat their pets as surrogate family members. As such, the days when it was acceptable to just fill a bowl with some dry kibble are rapidly fading. 

So moving forward, wherever you find organically-minded humans, you can expect to find organically-raised pets. And as more people move to organic pet ownership, the more this market will grow. 

7. Organic Gardening And Landscaping 

Food and drink are only a part of the organic lifestyle. After all, what sense does it make to dutifully avoid eating anything raised with harmful chemicals, only to douse the land around your home or business with the same toxins? 

That's the appeal of an organic gardening and landscaping service. And following the recent landmark legal decision against Monsanto for failing to disclose how dangerous their Roundup product line was, it's easy to see how organic services will only see higher demand moving forward. 

Let These Organic Business Ideas Be Your Jumping-Off Point 

The market for organic goods and services is massive and will continue to grow exponentially moving forward. In just a few years there will probably be a demand for services that we can't even conceptualize yet. 

So consider these organic business ideas to be just the beginning. And as the organic market continues to evolve, be sure to keep up with Bootstrap Business for all the tips you'll need to make your next organic business a success.

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