Tips For Making Your Business Eco-Friendly

how to make business more eco-friendly green company

The world of business has transformed economies, and people’s lives, in many ways for the better. However, the impact of business on the environment has been huge, and it’s important for us all to do our bit to reduce the impact we have on the environment. There are many ways that companies can do this, on a bigger scale as well as day-to-day. 

Streamline Your Supply Chain 

There are many opportunities to implement eco-friendly policies and practices, particularly in the supply chain. The great thing is that eco-policies are usually also efficient ones. So streamlining your supply chain with strategies such as just-in-time operations, limiting the number of steps in the supply chain itself and integrating data systems can be great ways to reduce emissions and increase efficiency. 

Invest In Your Green Spaces 

The green spaces around your office can be a way to be more eco-friendly. Planting flowers and plants, and protecting trees with tree guards and providing litter bins are easy ways to keep these areas flourishing. Not to mention giving your staff more reason to spend time outside and get some fresh air, which is great for employee wellbeing and productivity. 

Implement Recycling Initiatives 

Recycling initiatives aren’t just for homes. Make your office more environmentally friendly by developing plans to recycle, and provide incentives for staff to prioritise recycling too. You can easily implement this initiative by providing recycling bins and instructions on what can be recycled and how. This will educate staff on the correct recycling practices to ensure the right things are being recycled. 

Be Eco-Smart In The Office 

Your office or workplace may be contributing to your carbon footprint more than you think. There are simple things that you can do to reduce this, including: 

• Invest in sensored lighting to save energy 
• Turn off computers when not in use rather than using sleep mode 
• Use smart heating to save money and energy 
• Switch to LED lighting in and around the office. LED lightbulbs use a significantly less amount of energy than standard incandescent light bulbs. 

Although some of these solutions can be costly, the positive impact they have on the environment are well worth it. Businesses can also gain green accreditations as a result of eco-friendly practices. 

Provide Transport Solutions 

Many of a company’s emissions actually can come from its employees. Getting to and from work each day can rack up a lot of emissions as many staff members drive to and from work. Giving your staff incentives to travel in an eco-friendly manner on their commute can be a great way to encourage employees to use public transportation or services provided by the company. 

Companies can provide eco-friendly solutions such as car-sharing, shuttle services and cycle to work schemes. This will reduce the amount of emissions emitted by cars and the company itself. 

These tips are just a few of many ways to make your company greener and more eco-friendly. As technology improves, many more solutions will be created so that we can operate without damaging the environment so much.

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