Becoming An Eco-Friendly Entrepreneur On A Budget

When you’re considering the next step in your entrepreneurial master plan, the thought of showing off your impeccable eco-credentials probably doesn’t fill you with excitement. However, sustainability is the current buzz word that will have potential customers flocking to your brand. Whether you use recycled cotton in your custom made t-shirts or make it a point of business to package your artisan hot pepper sauce in glass jars made out of recycled wine bottles, customers will inevitably come over all a quiver when they can see your green prowess. 

So, how can you ensure that your venture into the world of sustainability can be achieved without breaking the bank? Take a look at these easy ways that you can boost your eco-credentials while keeping your eye on your finances.

Think Outside The Box 

You don’t have to move mountains to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. Think about the small things that can make a big impact. If you employ a large number of employees, consider implementing a cycle to work scheme. You could subsidize the purchase of their potential new two-wheeled eco-friendly vehicles, build a professional relationship with the cycle shop and promote a positive attitude to health and well-being at the same time. 

What If Your Industry Is Far From Green? 

Some sectors don’t lend themselves as naturally as others to becoming sustainable. Let's take a look at haulage firms for example. Transporting equipment, food or materials up and down the country using petrol guzzling lorries doesn’t do much to plug the hole in the ozone layer. However, you can still do your bit to promote environmentally friendly practice. You could purchase the red diesel that you require in more eco-friendly packaging using materials that reduce plastic consumption and help see your landfill waste footprint decrease dramatically. 

Take A Look Inside The Office 

Everyday routines could become eco-friendly if you implement policies such as complete laptop shutdowns at home time, turning off light switches when rooms are not in use and recycling any paper that ends up in the bin. Over the course of the year, you could be recycling more, using less energy and saving money in equal measures.

Becoming sustainable and showing off your eco-credentials can work wonders on the public image of your brand. When consumers are certain of your commitment to all things green, they will be willing to pay more for the product or service you provide. Large stuffy corporate companies that remain secretive often keep their consumers at arm’s length. The savvier customer of the twenty-first century enjoys knowing the provenance of the items they buy, whether this is understanding how their new dining table was made or knowing how far their banana has traveled. 

Take the plunge and investigate how you can make your company more sustainable. You never know, your green credentials could see an expansion of your customer base and an increase in those all-important sales.

I hope you enjoyed this article about how to become a more eco-friendly entrepreneur and go green on a budget.

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