5 Tips for Startups on Building Websites on a Budget

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Hoping to launch a business site? 

If you’re a small business trying to make your website, you might find it an odious endeavor. It’s especially the case when you’re doing it on your own, with no experience. It’s also more daunting when you consider there are billions of other sites competing for attention.

If you don’t know how to start building websites, you might feel overwhelmed.

Don’t despair yet business owners!

We compiled some tips on building websites for startups. This includes content management systems and more. Read on and find out about SMB web design.

1. Make Your Site Name

This is an important first step to succeed as a website. Lots of companies include free domain registration in their hosting package. Make your website name unique and inviting, but ensure that it won’t be difficult for your audience to track you down.

For example, you can use your business name as the domain name. It’s original while ensuring that its function is clear. Your goal is to make your website easy to remember and informative.

2. Get a Hosting Account

You need to find a host for your website to ensure its professional look. The good news is that most web hosting companies offer special discounts. Most neophyte customers get around 50% or more off their first year.

These deals help you know whether your website is effective. After this duration, you’ll know how it increases business. It’s a must-try for web pages regardless of your industry.

3. Install WordPress

This is the most popular website platform if you’re a beginner. It allows you to choose between fully hosted and self-hosted websites. If you’re looking for a professional look, the latter is your best bet.

Self-hosted WordPress sites have a wider range of tools, plugins, and themes for websites. Fully hosted sites have limited functionality and design. Choosing the self-hosted version gives your audience a professional impression.

4. Find a Theme

You can choose from an array of themes using WordPress. Building websites with themes can make it easier for you to get a website layout. A lot of free themes in the market are often enough to make a website consistent with your intended message.

Most themes let you customize various aspects like the font and links for pages. They’re easy to manage since you have a wealthy trove of tutorials online. A simple Google search yields a lot of guides.

5. Have Website Content Ready

Building a website isn’t all about designing. Once you set it up, you need to start regularly posting content. Having all content types ready in one place saves resources, and hasten the building process.

If you have other people making website content, you might spend more money. Get all the site and blog content you want and make sure they’re ready as soon as possible for your website.

Start Building Websites Today!

These are the basic steps when building websites as a startup. Follow these building websites guidelines and you’ll get a professional-looking site up within a few hours or days on a frugal budget.

But why stop with these startup building websites tips when we have more to offer? Continue reading our content here to get all the useful website design tips and tricks you need! Visit the Web Dev section of the Bootstrap Business Blog right now!

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