Staying Cyber Safe: How Much Does Penetration Testing Cost?

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We are nothing more than a number in the real world and online. If we aren't careful, a person can retrieve more of our personal identity or belongings than we'd like to give. 

Some people think so long as they are mindful, they can keep their information intact whenever they are browsing. 

Nearly 40% of web users get hacked each year and, crazy as it may seem, 350,000 new malware meant to infect your PC are made on a daily basis. These numbers will only increase each year. 

As technology advances, so do the hackers who adapt and find new ways to access you. It is up to you to decide if your business is valuable enough to keep away from virtual eyes that seek to steal and use what is yours. 

How would you know when someone is trying to hack you? How reliable are security software to ward off viruses and threats for your company? Would it be worth it to use a different program that can help combat this? 

There is. Penetration testing assessments may be something to look into for business security. 

What Is Penetration Testing? 

The best people who understand hackers are other hackers themselves. These hackers, however, are on your side. Like the name says, penetration tests are tests that attempt to find and penetrate through holes found in your security. 

Internal and external penetration tests are completed at request for companies as a measure to test whether their security is strong or weak. 

Depending on the scale of your business, the number of members working on your case, and the complexity of your current network, completing this test can be completed in a few days up to a few weeks. 

Unlike security software, the major advantage of penetration testing is that you will be side by side with live people who actively work with you to find AND exploit vulnerabilities in your network. This way, you are better able to secure your business and any sensitive data stored there. 

The best that security software would do for you is to complete an automated scan and possibly locate vulnerabilities, and that alone. 

Penetration Testing Cost 

Pricing will depend on a few factors such as the complexity of your business network and if the penetration test is completed onsite rather than offsite. If your business allows it, it would work better in your favor to do onsite. The level of experience and methods penetration testers have is also taken into consideration. 

Hiring a penetration testing company is a worthwhile investment for your business. On average, costs will vary between $5,000-30,000. If you find penetration testing cost for any lower than this, it's safe to say it is not from a legitimate service that ensures quality. 

Find A Reputable Penetration Testing Company 

Ensuring that your clients are free from attacks will help prevent your company from getting a negative reputation or losing business from a massive loss in clientele. Sensitive data without high-security measures are bound to be lost, damaged, or stolen. 

Securing funds for a penetration testing cost will be worth every penny that you spend. You worked hard to start your business. You can ensure the safety of your company by upkeeping security online and offline and preventing hacker penetration. 

For a more accurate quote on penetration testing from experienced hackers, you can speak with staff members directly. Penetration testing can keep your business safe by identifying risks and vulnerabilities better than virus scans alone can do. Outsmart the hackers and computer viruses, it's worth the cost!

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