Top Smart Home Robots To Try Out

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At the rate of information technology development, we face today, smart home robots no longer belong exclusively to sci-fi films and novels. Moreover, a lot of people already have robots, even if we don’t associate them with such. Smart lawnmowers, Roombas and Alexa’s are the examples of little helpers that the market offers on a regular basis. And even more, modern robotics are not only targeted at heavy industries but also offers some great new advancements for private households. 

Home robots that you can find on the market today can be created for performing specific tasks, or as general assistants. For specifics, look at modern kitchen robots. They act as interactive intermediaries that can help you cook the perfect dinner, no matter if you’re an amateur or a home chef. 

In the past year kitchen robots got even smarter. Now, they can help you find recipes using only the ingredients in your fridge. It goes without saying that they can show you cooking videos on the spot. In addition, they can connect to your family members and turn your cooking session into some quality time with your loved ones. 

What can be better than a robot helping you with your chores? A robot that does all the chores for you, obviously. This category of robots is the most popular since modern people can no longer dedicate half of their days to take care of their homes. That’s why robots like Roombas are on the rise. 

However, now there are new additions to the family of smart robots that do the chores. Now, they can perform multiple tasks like washing dishes and cleaning. They can open the doors by themselves and create space maps to move freely in your house. Such helpers often double as security robots using cameras that connect to your smartphones. 

Another curious category of robots available is companionship and educational toys. Some of these robots look cute while others take on familiar faces such as Albert Einstein, which makes it all the more entertaining to ask them questions and learn something new. Educational robots connect to smart apps and cloud databases with plentiful information on various topics and interesting brain games to play. Such companion robots are also perfect to entertain and educate your kids when you have your hands full cooking dinner or even having a relaxing time while your other robots do the housework. 

If you are interested in DIY robotics and want to try to make your own robot that will be able to move and talk, visit website and read the step-by-step guides provided there. There also you may find a lot of information on DIY home automation projects. 

There’s no lack of smart home robots on the market today. Whether you want a helper for a specific task to avoid doing boring house chores, or a general assistant, there are multiple options to choose from. There are also companions to keep you entertained and educational robots to help your kids learn in a fun and easy way. 

All in all, now is a great year to get yourself a new robot!

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