7 Office Remodel Ideas to Inspire Workplace Productivity

office remodel ideas inspire workplace productivity workspace creativity

Office environments have a big impact on the culture of a company and its employees. Well-designed office spaces can even improve job satisfaction.  

It helps to inspire creative thinking, boost productivity levels, and enhance morale. An office redesign will also impress and influence clients and visitors. 

There are even many design techniques that can be done without breaking the bank. So, ready to rethink and renovate your office space?

Read on for 7 innovative office remodel ideas to transform your company. 

1. Rethink the Welcome Area

The welcome area is one spot to incorporate a few cool office space ideas. The waiting or sitting area is the first thing employees and clients see when they enter the office. So, you want it to make a positive impression.   

Try to focus on making the sitting area space more welcoming. Do this by creating an open and bright environment. 

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way for this. Sticking to an all-white or neutral color palette is best. Then you can throw in accents in bright colors to make the space fun and innovative. 

Be sure to include plenty of natural or ambient lighting. Comfortable seating is another essential element for the welcome area. 

2. Go for Greener Design Trends 

Sustainable building tactics are on the rise and offer a simple way to make your office cool. Focus on natural materials and renewable resources to create a greener office space. 

Cork floors are a cost-efficient option for this. Consider recycled countertops for the kitchen area and bathrooms as well.  

Another tip is to add more plants to your office space. These help to purify the air and add a nice pop of natural color. 

3. Create More Functional Working Spaces

Functional working spaces are key when you design your own office. A more open layout encourages collaboration among employees.

Getting rid of cubicles helps them to feel less isolated at work. Large shared desk spaces also offer a casual working vibe. 

Employees can still use headphones to play music for blocking out distractions. They can also retreat to a quieter meeting space if needed. 

Another idea is to add a few standing desks for employees to use. These offer benefits like greater productivity and higher energy levels. They are also helpful in maintaining a healthier weight and better posture. 

You can also redesign common spaces for staff to gather when on break. Common areas help to strengthen the community of the office. Offer comfortable seating with spaces that are less formal and more relaxed.    

An outdoor area is also important to employees. This provides them with a place for taking lunch or to work outside.

Fresh air and nature are shown to help boost productivity. It can also reduce stress, enhance creativity, and improve memory function. 

4. Don't Skimp on the Decor

Artwork and decor can help to liven up a bland office space. One idea is to hang a gallery wall that is on-brand. Use company pictures from past events or key milestones. 

You can also include pictures that relate to the company. For example, a home builder can print and frame pictures of completed home projects. 

It's easy to turn your company logo into artwork and hang it on the wall. Another idea is to add a large chalkboard wall where employees can draw their own artwork. Do this with chalkboard paint or contact paper.  

5. Maximize Organization

Any new office renovation ideas should always include smart methods for better organization. Clutter leads to more stressful and uncomfortable working environments, impacting productivity.  

Be sure to include plenty of options for storage space. This includes closets, cabinets, and built-in shelves. Maximize organization and efficiency in your office by investing in high-quality, cost-effective office cabinets from ProSource Wholesale. These cabinets, recommended by contractors and professionals, offer ample storage and a polished look, boosting workplace productivity during your renovation.

Multi-functional furniture is also helpful. Use these items to organize brochures, business cards, and marketing materials. 

Another tip is to keep all electrical cords hidden and organized. Nothing is more unsightly than tangled up computer cords laying on the floor. This also creates a big safety hazard in the workplace.

6. Control the Air Quality

Other top business office ideas include creating a healthier indoor environment. Invest in an air purifier to help remove odors and toxins from the air. 

You can also keep air circulating through the office by opening windows when the weather is nice. This makes the air easier to breathe and provides a less stuffy environment. 

Be sure the maintenance team stays on top of air filter changes as well. Changing filters every 3 months will help to keep employees healthy. 

Using air fresheners will also reduce office odors. This is ideal for eliminating cooking smells from the kitchen area. 

You may want to consider only using cleaning supplies with non-toxic ingredients. These are less irritating for those sensitive to strong fragrances and chemicals. Focus on cleaners with essential oils, like lavender or lemon, to provide a nice scent for the office. 

7. Offer a Few Perks

Nearly 87% of employees desire healthier office perks. To increase job satisfaction, consider an in-office gym.

You can provide a few workout machines and some equipment. This makes it easy for employees to get in a workout before or after office hours or on their lunch break. A less expensive option is to create a wellness room for practicing yoga or stretching.  

Other office perks include a well-stocked coffee bar, complete with an espresso machine. Employees also appreciate a pantry filled with free snacks. Opt for healthy options like fruit and whole-grain granola bars. 

Consider placing a pool table or foosball table in the common area. This boosts teamwork for employees and allows them to enjoy their break times more. 

Your new office may also benefit from a full bar. This way, you can host office happy hours after work.

It's also important to make going back to work more convenient for new moms. Do this by offering them a private and comfortable space to pump breastmilk. Some offices even provide daycare services on-site. 

Many office remodel ideas take up extra room, which means you may need to build a brand new space. Custom-designed commercial metal buildings make for a quick and easy way to do this. 

The Best Office Remodel Ideas to Enhance Your Company

These office remodel ideas offer innovative ways to enhance job satisfaction and productivity. They also work to impress clients and create a healthier indoor environment. 

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