7 Easy Ways To Beat Jet Lag And Time Zone Tiredness

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Traveling abroad allows interacting with people of different cultures and enjoying beautiful sights. However, for international travelers and frequent fliers, ‘jet lag’ is a very common problem. It can turn a flight abroad into a journey to exhaustion in no time. 

Your body is naturally programmed to do things throughout 24 hours. It has its own internal clock that tells you when to awake and when to sleep. These routines are called circadian rhythms (or, body’s natural sleep cycle). 

When you travel across two different time zones, our circadian rhythms are thrown into disarray. Your body gets used to this sleep schedule, which disturbs the entire routine. You might experience daytime grogginess, trouble sleeping, compromised physical performance, or nausea as the symptoms of a jet lag. 

Though a jet lag is temporary, it can have a great impact on your vacation or business travel comfort. Read out the seven easy ways to minimize the chances of a jet lag before the trip and recover from it.

Have A Good Night’s Sleep Before You Fly 

It’s easy to skip the routine amid the busyness of preparing for the trip. And, many of the people end up having slept only a few hours before the flight. Whether it’s done intentionally to fall asleep through the flight, or due to a pre-vacation excitement, it leaves your body exhausted. 

Getting a good night’s sleep before your journey will leave the body equipped to cope with a jet lag. Also, your sleeping space should be optimized to get the most comfort. The mattress should be supportive enough to provide you with restful sleep. Browse the Southern California mattress superstores to find comfortable and premium-quality bedding accessories. 

Eat Light And Sleep Smart 

When you are moving around, digestion can become inactive. You can have a ginger tablet to keep things moving. When it comes to food, your body might become a bit gassier mid-air, causing jet bloats. To avoid this, stick to the warm, moist food. Avoid crackers, bread, desserts, alcohol, coffee, and soft drinks. 

Also, in order to prepare yourself for the new waking hours, you need to adjust your sleeping schedule. You can set your watch to the time zone you are heading into. Sleep in the sleeping hours of the time zone you are entering. Further, meditating for 30 to 60 minutes every two hours will comfort your mind and body. 

Hydrate Your Body Well 

Dehydration makes it difficult to fall asleep. It can also contribute to the fatigued feelings associated with jet lag. So, it is good to drink a sufficient amount of water before, after, and during the flight. Avoid taking caffeine, or alcohol, as both these beverages can cause dehydration and make you feel restless. 

Stretch Every Few Hours 

During the flight, stretch regularly. Simple postures, such as letting your neck and head flop, and leaning forward, are good. These postures mobilize the lower spine and pass enough blood to the brain. 

Try Arriving Early 

If possible, plan your travel through a flight that arrives in the daylight. You’ll be tempted to explore if the sun is shining, and you've got a full day to ahead to enjoy. This way, it will be easier for you to stay awake. Or, fly to the destinations within the Greenwich Mean Time destinations, including France, Spain, Ghana, etc. 

You Can Split Up The Trip If Possible 

Plan and book a stopover to provide your body with more time to adapt to the new routine. It will also slash the price of airfare. Search for the perfect one-day break to have some rest, while enjoying your trip. 

Avoid Taking Sleeping Pills 

It’s a bad idea to rely on sleeping pills for long-haul flights. They’ll do nothing to relieve your body but leave you feeling fuzzy. If you are used to shut-eye techniques, try natural ones. You can bring your own herbal tea bags and make bedtime tea to reduce stress, and have a restful sleep. 

Time To Travel

Now that you know how to beat the jet lag, you are ready to explore the world. Happy travels!

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