5 Things Insurance Agents Should Know About Marketing Automation

insurance agents marketing automation

Today, insurance consumers are using digital means in great numbers to research data, policies, and obtain multiple quotes. This makes a tough competition for marketers to attract and possess these in-market prospects. Insurers must take the benefits of every opportunity to respond quickly by sending the right message to the customers when they reach out and want to engage. 

This is where "Marketing automation" comes into play! 

Marketing automation is a software platform that provides a wide range of marketing tools to move customers and prospects through a journey automatically. It streamlines workflows and processes for campaigns over online channels, including websites, social media, and emails. 

It allows you to connect with people by sending the right message at the right time that strengthens relationships. Automation helps marketers dripping on those people who first came to your website and convert them into leads. Here are answers to the five top questions about marketing automation that insurance agents need to know: 

Why Is Marketing Automation Trending Right Now? 

One of the main objectives of insurance marketers is to provide valuable content and nurture their relationships with their prospects and policyholders to build trust and loyalty. Marketing automation is the growing trend that helps insurance marketers achieve their objectives by helping customers through the buyer venture and delivering purposeful and personalized content at ideal times along the way. Automation becomes an important part of an insurance agent marketing plan as 71% of the customers use some form of digital research before buying insurance. Why marketing automation creating a buzz is because: 

- Marketers can send personalized messages to the right audience. 
- It efficiently converts leads into prospects. 
- It automates manual tasks like sending emails and messages, which otherwise is time-consuming. 

Why Does It Work Really Well? 

Email marketing, which is a key feature of marketing automation, helps generate the highest ROI (Return of Investment) over other digital channels, doing businesses of around $38 for each dollar invested. Also, 84% of marketers think that email is critically important to build customer loyalty. 

What Can Marketing Automation Do For Insurers Or Brokerage? 

This may vary depending on the strategy and software upon which it was built. Ideally, marketing automation can: 

- Increase customer retention and loyalty by delivering valuable content. 
- Automate workflows and help your team gets more leads. 
- Boost revenue per client as you provide compelling offers to buy more insurance. 
- Get you more referrals and having a more loyal customer base. 

What Are The Things To Consider When Choosing A Marketing Automation Tool?

Following are the major categories to consider: 

• Marketing automation varies depending on the software you use. Make sure to pick one that is useful for your unique needs and goals. Ask yourself if you want an automation system that streamlines your marketing processes, or do you focus on boosting sales strategies? 

• Make sure the automation platform has an application program interface (API) for the systems you are using. Also, ensure if it integrates with your agency management system. 

• How does the automation platform provide support to its customers?  Check what their online or phone support hours are like- whether they line up with your business hours. 

As A Buyer, What Are The Features You Should Consider Before Making A Purchase? 

Integration with your agency management system Personalized messaging Ease of application Comprehensive content Expertise and support from your vendor The ability of the insurers to deliver messages at crucial moments 

Marketing Automation For Insurance Agents

As marketing undergoes a major transformation in today's time, you need to use innovative strategies effectively to make your business grow. Be it boosting lead generation, product awareness, nurturing, or maximizing customer retention; you can achieve your goals by orienting marketing throughout data-driven insights and flexible processes!

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