Customer Loyalty Program Application is Always at Hand

customer loyalty program application

Modern technologies are changing modern shopping, retail, telecom, and other businesses. The client doesn’t want to carry a lot of plastic cards: they do not fit in bags and are constantly lost. The person has a smartphone in his/her pocket and everything he/she needs is in it’ moreover, a mobile loyalty program can be a great example of such an existent feature. It’s not a secret that retailers’ own applications don’t stay too long in user’s smartphones. Therefore, the mobile loyalty platform from the mLoyalty Company is always at hand and stores all the necessary cards in one place. It saves users from having to install many programs on their phones and becomes increasingly relevant. 

Basic Loyalty App Dividends 

Customer loyalty program is not only a product of trade and service enterprises, but also an effective business tool. Here are a few basic positive moments of its usage. 

• You get completed and reliable customer When registering for the loyalty program, companies conduct customer surveys and transfer the received data to the CRM system. But sometimes the phone numbers and email contained in the database become outdated and turn out to be unreliable. The Wallet checks user data through a two-stage identification system. This method allows you to get guaranteed accurate info and eliminate the possibility of error due to the carelessness of the client filling out the questionnaire or an employee transferring the data to CRM. 

• You will easily enquire the customer. The business deputy must promptly “recognize” the client at the checkout, determine his/her status and provide the appropriate rewards and privileges: discounts, bonuses, gifts, and a high level of service. 

• You get a new tool for communication with the customer. The mobile Wallet apps help companies communicate more effectively with their audience in real time. Communication can be passive – informing about current promotions, personalized coupons, and active – sending targeted messages to users based on their location (using the geo-targeting service) and collecting feedback. Such targeted offers show the client that the company cares about him/her and doesn’t spam. 

• You increase the quality of service. Plastic is a challenge for the buyer. It becomes a disadvantage for even the best loyalty program. You need to fill out a form in order to draw up a card and find the card at the bottom of the bag. Loyalty rewards app saves the client from discomfort and allows the company to improve the quality of service.

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