How To Budget For Your New Year’s Celebration

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Every year, New Year’s can be an outrageously expensive holiday. Whether you’re hosting a lavish party or you’re on the town for a night out, the cost of this night can wreak havoc on your budget. If you’re looking to celebrate New Year’s and save some cash in the process, here are some ways to help with your budget. 

Don’t Go Too Extravagant With The Food 

When hosting a party, the food costs can spiral out of control. If you are trying to set your financial priorities, there are many strategies you can take and many ideas on how to save money. 

In reference to your New Year’s menu, consider having an appetizer themed party. Many people even enjoy appetizers more than main dishes themselves, and serving appetizers or snack-sized items will keep both your guests and wallet happy. That way, you can save on the cost of preparing a whole meal for guests. You can choose items such as chips, nuts, or veggies and dips like ranch or hummus. However, if you do want to host a full dinner party, you can always ask guests to bring side dishes or dessert. 

Try A Potluck Or BYOB Event 

Having guests bring food or their own drinks can be a fun way to collaborate and try everyone’s cooking, which is why potlucks or Bring Your Own Booze (BYOB) events can be so successful. You can even go so far as to have guests bring any extras like napkins. Just be sure to mention how many guests there are, what the food theme is, and what exactly you need – you wouldn’t want there to be duplicate dishes or too much of the same course. By having a guest bring their own drinks, alcoholic or not, is an excellent way to save money. It also reduces the hassle of knowing what types of drinks to buy for people. 

Check For Deals 

When the holidays come around, there are always deals, especially on sites like RetailMeNot. Even brick and mortar stores or supermarkets have coupons and flyer deals. You’re also likely to find deals on party essentials like paper plates or napkins. If you look closely and are a good bargain hunter, you could find deals on food like party snacks. Even saving just a few dollars can go a long way in the end. 

Determine What You Can Do For Free 

Providing entertainment for a party or attending an event can get quite pricey. If you want to seek out free sources of entertainment while also having a fun time, you could play cards, a board game, or a classic game like charades. Games are always a party favorite and they can save you money in the process. 

Budget Without Breaking The Bank

New Year’s is a holiday that can be enjoyable on any budget. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy this holiday, and you can still stick to your financial goals for the year.

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