Tips To Increase Organic Traffic & Growth Hacking Strategies

how to increase business website organic traffic growth hacking strategies

The creation, publication, and distribution of content on digital platforms has become one of the most used marketing strategies by brands worldwide. 

Although brands make use of guidelines for users to reach their web pages while browsing, one of their biggest challenges is to make someone search voluntarily to take them to their online store. 

That is something known as organic traffic, which allows certain content and creative brands to gain better search engine rankings naturally, in addition to making them a reference for a specific topic. 

However, achieving this is not something that is made overnight because there are millions of pages on the network that, perhaps, deal with the same topics as others, which reduces the chances that people will organically find the contents of a specific brand. 

To achieve this, it is essential that even before developing the video, infographics, or other pieces of content, companies take care to identify specific things. 

For example, any strategy to gain a better positioning and organic traffic must lead to a website that has a keyword or phrase defined, since through it's how the user and potential client will arrive, in addition to helping improve search engine positioning. 

Likewise, it will be necessary to make a clear definition of the topic to be addressed and start with the research. Together with the choice of technological tools that facilitate the excellent selection of the keyword and how it will be used in the strategy for positioning. 

You should also know the public well, that is, what needs or problems you want to solve when you use a particular brand. To understand what applications and how to use the keywords and phrases that contribute to the creation of relevant and useful content for the user. 

1. Develop A Good Content Marketing Strategy 

Content marketing is the easiest, natural, and economical way to attract visits to our website. If you want to ensure that the traffic you attract is qualified, you must take good care of your content and growth hacking strategy

You will do this by analyzing your target audience and offering them valuable content that meets their needs. Only then you will be able to position yourself in the minds of our users as referents to your sector. 

Never forget that more important than SEO is that the quality of your content responds to the user's search intent. 

Tip:  Periodically update those articles that have more movement or receive more visits on your website. 

2. Write SEO-Oriented Articles - Use Long-Tail Keywords 

The fact is that SEO is necessary, nobody can deny it. However, quality content and SEO can be complementary, despite what many believe. 

Make a proper analysis of keywords to know what terms related to your sector users are looking for and create content that contains those keywords. 

Remember that as well-positioned as an article is, if users do not find what they are looking for, they will go back where they have come from. 

Tip:  Since organic web traffic is quite slow, you can try to position your articles using "long tails" or compound keywords. These keywords have a lower level of searches, but also less competition, so it will be easier to position your articles on Google. 

3. Use Social Networks As A Content Enhancer 

Social networks are the best allies of content marketing. A complementary strategy that we consider fundamental to multiply the impact of our articles. 

Directing interaction with your followers is vital to achieving the right level of engagement that allows your content to be shared to reach more potential customers. Social networks are, therefore, today, the perfect complement to boost our content. 

4. Never Underestimate A Good Email Marketing Strategy 

Email marketing is often the big forgotten one. However, it is proven that email is still one of the most powerful sales channels. 

Additionally, if there is a channel that is really effective at capturing qualified traffic, that is the email. 

Working with a good email marketing platform is the first step to increase your web traffic significantly. 

5. Invest In Google Adwords Or Facebook Ads 

Ads must also be taken into account if we want to attract a considerable volume of traffic to our website, especially when we are starting. 

A well-worked Google or Facebook Ads ad can help you get qualified traffic for your website. Social networks are the largest source of segmentation that exists in the market, and we should not ignore it. 

While it is true that this traffic will stop arriving once the campaign ends, we can pull paid advertising for certain specific actions. 

6. Practice Guest Posting 

Guest blogging or guest posting is one of the best ways to attract qualified traffic to our website thanks to the authority of an editor or the followers of your blog. 

Well used, this strategy can be one of the most powerful when it comes to attracting qualified traffic since: 

- You will be using the authority of the blog to drive traffic to yours
- You will get quality external links to your site 
- You will be able to prove that you are an expert in your sector with an epic content 
- You will be adding value in the blog of a colleague or colleagues 

In Conclusion - Get Growth Hacking

Generating organic web traffic to your site is not a simple task, and it is not something you can master without spending effort and time (and sometimes money). To do this, you need much more than just creating a website and making occasional blog posts or social profiles for nothing. 

In fact, if you really want to have results, I recommend that you have a good content marketing strategy from the beginning (where you will detect opportunities). And, at the same time, a blog where you write and publish quality content, useful, varied, and continuously updated. 

It will ensure that you are attracting people from your target audience, who are really (or will become) interested in your product or service. 

This will already bring web traffic from search engines, and if you join it with some careful publications on social platforms, it will make that traffic much higher. It is also essential to be clear that organic traffic is not everything. It is only the first step to growth hacking your online business

Once you have attracted users, the critical part is to take them to where you want, which is to read content, subscribe or buy in your store (with the help of forms, landing page, etc.) 

I hope that these tips will help you generate organic traffic on your website, and that will allow you to improve your search engine positioning so that you can connect with your potential customers.

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