5 Secrets To Increase Your Page Rankings And Revenue

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Increasing rankings and revenue is nothing new for today’s businesses. Every business is striving to appear among the top results on the search engines result page (SERP). It allows them to spread their message to a larger audience. 

Do you want to know why? It’s because websites appearing on the top results of the search engine result page have a 33% chance of getting clicked. It means more traffic, leads, conversions, and sales for the business. It may sound surprising, but 75% of the audience is too lazy to click on the second page of SERP. So, you need to fasten up your search engine game to get to that illustrious first page. 

The real question is how to become visible to the audiences? Here are five secrets to increasing your rankings which would eventually reflect positively on your bottom-line. 

1. Increase Accessibility 

The website of your business is more of a representation of your business. People judge your whole business just by looking at your website. Hence, focus on building an incredible website. 

Are you confused about how? If yes, then focus on the structure of your website because an atrocious structure can put all your efforts into waste. There’s no use of a website where people have difficulty in surfing and understanding the navigation tools. You have to make tools that are convenient for the audience and they can easily find what they’re looking for. 

Pay attention to every minor detail that is likely to have an impact. For instance, including the option of ‘search bar’ on your website allows people to search for products they want, increasing usability which is essential for smooth performance. 

Moreover, focus on making it ecstatic, lively, and full of colors. You can also make alterations to the font size, bigger ones for headings and smaller ones for body. It would increase accessibility and help the audience read and comprehend better. Remember, if Google finds your website crummy, you won’t be seen anywhere near the top results of SERP. 

2. Focus On SEO-Friendly Content 

Believe it or not, Google algorithms and crawlers wander around content. So make sure the content you create is unique and valuable. Refrain from the idea of copying content from a website and pasting it to yours because if you consider yourself to be smart, remember, Google is smarter and knows what you have done. As a result, it leads to a devastating effect on the rankings of your website. 

Some businesses fail to achieve results even after creating exceptional content. It is because they fail to optimize it for the search engine which is the ‘key to success.’ All you have to do is to keep investing your time and effort in research. It would help you analyze the trends and needs of your audience. Moreover, you need to include keywords into your content, for more visibility. 

Now you know why every business is after content marketing. It’s because content plays a huge role when it comes to increasing the rankings on the search engine. Reliable and authentic content can take your website to places, increasing rankings and revenue rapidly. 

3. Improve Your Page Loading Speed 

People these days are always in a hurry. No one likes to wait even for 10 seconds. If you think you can make people wait because your website is worth it, you’re wrong. An average user waits for three seconds for a website to load, after which he or she clicks the back button. Surprising, no? 

So, let’s get down to it by actually improving the loading speed of your page. Don’t consider yourself to be at fault if your website takes time to load because it’s a common problem faced by businesses globally. You can refer to Marketing Gurus in Australia to guide you on this matter. 

But why it happens? It’s due to the high number of images and videos on your website which takes time to load. You can compress your images, to avoid any loading issues. Furthermore, you can enable browser caching because it eliminates the need for loading again and again. 

However, you need to look for bugs (if any exist) that are causing problems for you. If you are still skeptical about the speed, then monitor it through the Google page speed tool and continue improving it. 

4. Offer More Than Text 

Those were old days when people had fun reading long paragraphs of plain text- based information. But not anymore! Long paragraphs, full of information, seem nothing but monotonous to the audiences now. Hence, offer them something more like videos and images. It doesn’t mean you have to put up random images and videos. Instead, post the ones that contribute towards an understanding of the information. 

The purpose of videos and images is to help the audience understand better without getting them disinterested. Believe it or not, videos increase revenues by 49% because people find it more suitable to watch rather read. You will notice that people are also spending more time on your website which is crucial for your rankings and revenue. 

Moreover, you can use multimedia and infographics. People love the concept of infographics because it gives a visual idea while delivering information at the same time. To your surprise, Google can recognize websites with visual content. So, if you want to increase your rankings and revenues, make sure to put at least one video on your website. 

5. Focus On Mobile Optimization 

You must be joking if you don’t know what is mobile optimization? Living in a world of smartphones and technology makes mobile optimization more of a necessity. Just to enlighten you, 60% of Google searches are generated from mobile phones. It means, most of the people around the globe use their phones to access websites. 

Do you think your website would do well if it doesn’t work on mobile phones? Here is what you need to do. 

● Make sure people don’t have to zoom in and out on your website. The landing pages adaptive to different mobile screen sizes. 

● Monitor what users do on your site and allow that option to be accessible on mobile devices. 

● Check the loading speed and make sure your website is not taking ages to load on mobile devices. 

Since people want to access everything from their phones, Google also decides to rank the ‘mobile-optimized’ websites higher. To increase rankings, you have to do nothing but make sure your website is compatible with mobile phones. You should always look forward to providing the visitors a better experience. 

SEO Like A Pro 

Rankings on Google and other top search engines are imperative for the success of any business. Higher rankings mean more traffic, leads, and thus, improving sales and revenue. Remember, ‘patience is virtue’, there are no instant results on the search engine, and things take time to reflect. However, you can look into these five secrets to increase the page rankings on Google and your overall online revenue.

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