Simple SEO Tips For Better Ranking

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SEO is a crucial part of any company that is looking to make its presence online. In fact, according to a survey, it shows that almost 93% of the online activities begin with search engines and keywords. Proper implementation of the SEO tools will result in increased traffic from Google. After all, who does not want more search traffic from Google? Increased traffic from Google is the surest way to increase your online revenue. Know about relevant SEO prices. 

Irrespective of the fact whether you wish to be on the first page rankings on Google or you want to increase the sale on your website, you need to know the basics of SEO. It is not necessary for you to be an expert of SEO, just the basics and a few tips are all you need to fair well. 

Begin With Creating A List Of Keywords 

You should create unique and suitable content to approach your audience and connect better. Using the right keywords will ensure that you have more search engine traffic. So doing research on the keywords related to your product or service is very crucial. Before beginning to write on any new post, start by making a list of suitable keywords focusing mainly on the long-tail keywords and the focus keywords. Make sure that you use the keywords in your writeup precisely without overcrowding or making up a sentence where the keyword is forced. 

A Faster Website Is More Preferable Than A Lagging Site 

The speed of your website is very important, and the speed of the website is one of the most overlooked tricks in the SEO shelves. Since 2010, Google is using site speed as a factor for SEO ranking. More than half of the online users expect the websites to load within two seconds and abandoning the same after the third second. Compressed images on your website enable a 30% to 40% increase in the speed of the website. Optimizing your images is also another trick to drastically improve the speed of your website. Get the most out of relevant SEO prices

Also, reduce the load on the site and improve your overall search engine rankings by reducing plugins, reviewing page elements, and enabling the browser caching. 

Security Comes First, So Always Make Sure That You Secure Your Website With HTTP 

This is another one of the top SEO tricks to increase the traffic of your website. So if you haven't already switched your website to HTTP, it will be the right time to do so. In fact since October 2017, Google strictly suggests not using browsing websites, which is not an HTTP website. And, apart from providing adequate security, there are a few advantages of an HTTP website. For instance one of them being, Google loves HTTP. 

Concentrate On The User Experience Of Your Website 

Making your website user-friendly will not only ensure that your audience is enjoying their time on your website, but has the potential to make a sale also. So never make your website complicated and boring. 

Optimize The URL, Title, And Descriptions 

Examine your entire website by analyzing whether or not there is ample room for improvements when it comes to using the titles, descriptions, and URL of the website. The page title as well as the descriptions are reflected in the search engines. Therefore, you should take the opportunity to advertise your website to the potential customers in the best possible manner. 

Publish Fresh, Interesting Content 

One of the major aspects of the blogging page in your website is to draw the attention of the target audience. Therefore, you must aim at engaging the users by providing them with fresh, high-quality, interesting content from time to time. By content, anything informative can be implied –right from blogs to articles, infographics, video content, audio content, and so more. 

Ensure That Your Site Is Mobile-friendly 

There are several reasons why you should aim at making your website mobile-friendly. Most of your website traffic comes from the mobile users. Moreover, Google has introduced the ‘mobile-first index’ that can be used for indexing mobile web portals. While going on mobile devices, you should also ensure the overall speed of page loading on mobile connections. 

Register The Website With Google & Bing Webmaster Tools 

When you do not have your website registered with the leading webmaster tools, it can serve as driving without opening your eyes. Once you have completed the registration process of your website with the help of the leading search engine webmaster tools, you will receive notifications as soon as something is wrong with the website. You can look into a lot of factors while analysing your website performance at the same time. 

With a little more research and these tips, you will definitely make your website more SEO-friendly in no time.

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