4 Ideas for Your Next Business Lunch

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Who doesn't love getting to the bottom of the company matters over a nice business lunch?

When you find yourself in charge of organizing the business lunches at your office, you may end up following a bit of a formula. The same restaurant with the same few employees is fine once in a while, but not all the time.

Eventually, it's going to get a bit stagnant, though. Today, we're going to give you a few creative ideas for sprucing up the business lunch. Tweaking things a little bit can give your crew an entirely new outlook on what you can achieve with your lunchtime meetings. 

Don't let these business lunches get boring. Follow these lunching tips and keep them fresh.

1. Change Up the Restaurant Every Time

Keep the scenery and culinary landscape fresh if you're going out to a restaurant. Unless you live and work in the middle of nowhere, you should have a wide selection of restaurants. Even if you have to drive further, it's worth it to try something different.

If you're trying to talk work, it'll be more inspiring for everyone involved to have a change of scenery. No one wants to eat the same food or look at the same decor every time; it doesn't promote creativity.

2. Consider the Potluck

Something that not only promotes creativity but showcases each individual's culinary creativity and prowess is the potluck luncheon. If you've got lots of employees with different backgrounds, this is a great opportunity for everyone to expose their fellow employees to a local culinary delicacy.

It also gets people communicating openly. Employees from departments that don't directly work with one another will get an opportunity to chat and learn a bit more about the people that they smile and nod at, but have never spoken to.

3. Vegetarian Options

There are lots of vegetarians and vegans in the world these days, so you have got to make your next business lunch vegetarian-friendly. Luckily, there are loads of amazing plant-based dishes that will have the most staunch meat-eater in your office drooling. 

Check out menus around town see what their vegetarian menu is like. Googling, "Subway menu Australia", for instance, will tell you that they have options for meat eaters and vegetarians alike.

4. Keeping It Light On the Tummy and Mind

One of the best parts of a vegetarian or vegan lunch is that it's going to be pretty light, so you can go about your day without your food weighing you down. A light lunch will keep the afternoon's productivity high (unless you've involved alcohol).

Speaking of keeping it light, you shouldn't get too bogged down in business talk over lunch. No one likes being all business all the time, you've got to have meaningless conversations and get to know your employees on a deeper level as well. All lunch conversation is valuable when you consider the impact it has on morale.

Don't Over-Do the Business Lunch

Try and keep your business lunch routine to, at most, one per week. You can talk shop, get to know your coworkers and get to the bottom of some crucial matters, but you should remain professional with each other. A good mix of business and personal matters will keep productivity high.

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