The Best Corporate Lunches For Your Office

best corporate lunches office

A nicely organized office lunch boosts the morale in the office and gives everyone a nice opportunity to take a break from work while recharging and bonding. Maybe you’ve had some less than spectacular experiences with corporate lunches and associate the experience with lukewarm pizza or soggy sandwiches. 

Food For Thought 

If your idea of corporate lunches, then you’ve had bad luck because the truth is that corporate lunches can be delicious and there’s no reason to have it any other way. You want your lunch to be tasty and you want your employees to enjoy themselves as they eat. There are certain foods that, when served at lunch, leave us sleepy and lethargic. After your corporate lunch, there are still a few hours of the day left to be productive, so it’s important to stay away from high-fat, high-sugar lunches that leave us drained. 

Some of the best things to eat at lunch to keep your tank full for the rest of the day include: 

• Hummus and whole grain pita 
 Cheese and fruits 
 Burrito or teriyaki bowls 
 Turkey or chicken sub 
 Grilled fish and veggies 
 Thin crust Pizza 

Not sure how to serve up these energy-giving foods? Read on to learn about how you can team up with a caterer to guide you through the food selection process and how to make your lunch stand out. 

Go With A Theme 

You can pick a nice theme for your lunches to make them memorable and help you plan out your menu. Is there an occasion for the lunch? Will it be formal? Casual? Will this be a sit-down luncheon or will it be a buffet for people to pop by as their schedules free up? There are a lot of things to consider when planning a business lunch event, so don’t hesitate to get a helping hand from the pros at The Food Dudes. 

Decide upon a theme or general idea such as “hot dishes,”“salads,” or “deli meats” to get things started in your planning. You can also go the cultural route and decide to serve up foods from a certain region which can help you narrow down your choices of what to serve. 

Don’t Forget The Beverages 

Depending on your corporate culture, office, and the reason for the lunch, you may or may not want to serve alcohol at your corporate lunch. While a selection of beers might be fitting for a workplace with a youth-focused culture or a workplace that specializes in alcohol distribution, you might find it best to steer away from serving alcohol at your corporate lunch

You can offer an assortment of soft drinks, fresh water (flavored with cucumber or lemon for a nice touch), bottled juices, coffee (with decaf option), and teas. A pleasant selection of beverages is often a nice surprise, so be sure to put some thought into what you’ll be pouring at your corporate lunch.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to find some of the best corporate lunches for your office or workplace.

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