Sergey Matsotsky: Curriculum Vitae, IT Career

sergey matsotsky it career

Born on February 25, 1962, Sergey Matsotsky finished a specialized high school in which programming basics were taught as early as the 1970s. Matsotsky developed a passion for IT from his school days and went on to study Applied Mathematics at a university. In his graduation thesis, he did research on the advanced technology of oil-field development. 

After graduation, he was involved in the introduction of the latest technologies at extractive industry companies. He dealt with digitalization as early as in the 1980s, though this term came into common use long after. 

In the early 1990s, he joined IT-related business entities. In 1992, he co-founded the IBS company which subsequently became the largest systems integrator. Thus, Sergey Matsotsky, whose biography is closely associated with information technology, participated in the IT market shaping. 

Between 2000 and 2010, he developed the IBS company, started projects in the global market and was involved in digitalization of major companies. In the 2020s, he focused on the development of own business projects and founded a number of diversified IT companies. 

Sergey Matsotsky: Career 

●    1982 -1990 — programmer, engineer at state-funded entities; 

●    1990 -1992 — head of the commercial department at Intermicro JV; 

●    1992 - 2020 — formation of the IBS company. Sergey Matsotsky (Wikipedia) served as the Executive Director and later as the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors; 

●    2019  — launch of the L2U startup focused on the development of end-to-end B2C communications solutions; 

●    2020 - present — work in the GS-Invest Holding which was founded by him and incorporates  a number of IT companies, and development of own international startups. 

“In the 1980s, we did amazing things for that time,” recalls Matsotsky. “We introduced the latest technologies in well development, worked with various countries and shared experience.” 

The 1990s were a very interesting time, too, recalls Matsotsky: the making of the IT industry which was developing freely, crises that required of top-management offbeat and bold decision-making. The 2000s saw a lot of challenges: business got wise to digitalization, large projects were put into action in hallmark companies, business leaders learned how to derive managerial benefit from IT initiatives. 

“Later, I found myself getting a little bored. I began to see that large slow-moving IT companies should give way to small agile teams with a unique expertise. So I exited the IBS business to develop my own projects that fitted into my new business development concept,” said Sergey Matsotsky. 

Sergey Matsotsky: Hobbies 

IT is Matsotsky’s main passion, but he also has a passion for travelling. This is an ideal vacation for the entrepreneur: it gives an opportunity to switch over to other things, to experience new emotions, to see stunning places, and to spend time with the family and friends. 

Sergey Matsotsky has visited over 90 countries. The places that stuck in his memory are Bhutan and Myanmar, Indonesia (but not tourist-oriented Bali), and also Namibia and Iceland that are utterly unlike each other. There are also fantastic places to see in less exotic countries, for example, in the US. In this country, the entrepreneur advises visiting the legendary canyons and a small town of Page. 

Matsotsky is fond of traveling to warm countries because he can swim in the sea and watch the sea life there. 

In his spare time, the entrepreneur reads fiction books. He used to read business books when he was younger, but now they seem boring to him. With more than 30 years’ experience in business, Matsotsky has developed his own vision and principles of doing business.

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